Dream interpretation: to dream of a grandson

If you had your grandchildren, so, in life there will soon be a happy event, you never expect it, it will be a pleasant surprise. Perhaps at the threshold of your house will be the guests – close friends who are dear to your heart. Dream interpretation: grandson in dreams – the sign of fun, pleasure, pleasant meetings.

What dreams grandchild dream, dream interpretation

What dreams grandchild dream, dream interpretation

Bad dream about grandchildren

Usually we get scared when we see the death of relatives or sickness in his dreams. Occurs a bad feeling, fear of loss. Is it true that such a dream warns us of impending trouble?

A dream about the death of his grandson says that your grandson is in danger. Someone from his entourage angry and wants revenge, to hurt.

Ill relative – you have done a bad thing and in my heart I regret it. You need to repent, to ask forgiveness of someone you offended, and try to make amends.

Dreaming of a crying grandson forget about their worries, they are useless, all your bad thoughts you want to drop, look at life more positively.

Beat of their descendants, the victory over difficulties, enemies, problem solving.

Grandchildren fight with each other – a great happiness, a bargain.

Relative beats you, someone wants to make you an appointment.

Quarrel with someone close to you, discord, quarrel in real life.

Grandson with someone quarrel – failure at work, the frustration in his craft, the change kind of activity.

As you can see, the trouble that happened in the dream, is not a sign of the coming of misfortune in real life.

Meeting with grandchildren

Sleep can be a good, positive, full of joyful feelings. Seen meeting and a pleasant conversation? You know, friends and members of the family will please you, in the workplace, businesses will laditsya as ever. Felt uncomfortable, the meeting could not have happened at an inconvenient time? So you are feeling guilty for the committed wrong acts, illegal acts, your secret will soon become known to a wide circle of people.

To dream of a grandchild, whom you meet at the train station, the bus stop, at the airport – news from afar.

Meeting with bread and salt on the doorstep of his home – a pleasant household chores.

The dream that the grandson is happy and happy is good, good changes, good luck.

To see yourself as a grandchild – friendly family relationships, support at work from superiors.

But if you are in my dreams coddling other people’s children – you will find lots of news, festive event, gifts.

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