My own grandmother in her sleep

What a dream grandma? Versions a lot as it is one of the most common dreams. But those in the know recommend dreamers to distinguish between what the old lady called for you to «dram». And already make a start on loads of sleep.

What a dream Granny

What a dream Granny

Native or alien?

Unfamiliar grandmother appeared in the dream, warns of the folly of your actions. Perhaps, you are gossiping and even unfair to blame. Try to calmly understand the situation.

If the old lady is very elderly, it could Herald a series of small failures and losses. Try to treat them quietly, so as not to miss a really important opportunity. If grandma in the dream, still pretty drunk, you should abandon risky behavior and ill-considered steps. Otherwise the consequences will be not in your favor.

However, if you’re in a dream an old comb and put the hair, it is a sign of joy, prosperity and happiness. Such a dream can predict the purchase of new housing, a prestigious occupation, a quick move up the career ladder.

My own grandmother usually appears in the role of the good advice. Be sure to listen to her and do exactly as she advises. This is the best option in a difficult situation. If in the dream the grandmother scolded you, so you contacted the wrong company. Try to avoid the bad effect.

What does a dream involving a dead grandmother?

It involves a radical change in the fate, both positive and negative. It was as if she cautions against a hasty decision.

If your late grandmother quite often, perhaps you should visit her grave to remember a loved one.

It is also important what is the mood dead grandmother in your dream. If she’s laughing and happy is a good sign. But if he frowns or cries, come on hard times. A swearing with it at all suggests that the life of a sleeping man rolling into a ditch.

A dream where the grandmother dies, provides for a speedy hearing from loved ones. This news may be sad, but can and is quite good, for example, about the success of relatives with whom long time no see.

If you realize in the dream dead grandmother as alive, it portends good luck in business. It can be a success in career and personal life.

To see the grave still alive grandmother really does not portend his imminent death. This dream, on the contrary, says that she still live in good health for many years.

If you are in the dream, I visited the cemetery where beloved grandmother is likely to regret missed chances and nostalgic for the days of carefree youth. There’s not much to hang on to the past, let him go and bravely look towards the future.

What they say the dream books?

The answer to the question, what a dream Granny, give a interpreter of dreams. The choice of interpretation depends on the emotional coloration of dreams.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Dreaming with the participation of the grandmother suggests that when difficulties need to seek advice from wise, experienced people.

Combined dream book

If you are on the way met a strange lady, then, for a job well done you get very little reward. While dreaming about grandma is weak and sick means helplessness in the face of life’s adversities.

Dream Interpretation Surovoi

Unknown to you grandmother dream to problems at work, failures in my personal life. You don’t fix them, we can only wait. But if the grandmother died, it, on the contrary, to success and prosperity. Even better if you quickly get rid of the corpse. Then success will not keep itself waiting long.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you had a deep conversation with a beloved grandmother, this is a very good sign, it heralds the fulfillment of desires.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Conflict with those you love dream foretells crying grandmother. According to this dream book, the grandmother appears in a dream to warn of something unexpected. And to see themselves in the role of a grandmother is always a surprise.

Dream Interpretation Danilova

Rejoice in the dream of the meeting with the already deceased grandmother – to victory over the challenges and difficulties in life. And to see herself nanasa grandchildren to unusual insights and psychic discoveries.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

The appearance of a grandmother in a dream – to family happiness.

The Dream Miller

If you had a grandmother kissed you, wait for trouble, problems in the workplace may exacerbate diseases. And if you do kissed her forehead and her grandmother, the dream book interprets it as the harbinger of parting with someone from relatives. The arms of the beloved grandmother predicting good health and longevity.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Grandmother comes to your dreams of a time when you need to warn or bless. It helps to make the right choice.

Dream Interpretation Freud

What a dream Granny, and explains the famous psychoanalyst. The girl, seeing such a dream, usually shy about their appearance, thinks ugly, and afraid to remain without a husband. The woman is afraid of impending old age. The young person is not confident in their sexual opportunities, and adult regret the missed chances.

Electronic dream book

Grandma promises, the fairer sex constancy in love, and gentlemen, on the contrary, the betrayal of a loved one.

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