Had a grain, dream interpretation

In reality the Golden seeds – a symbol of wealth, prosperity, wealth, confidence in the future. Construed as had grain, will tell the downers.

What dreams grain

What dreams grain

Ancient dream interpretation

Lots of grain in a dream – a sign of good luck and prosperity. Grains millet – to prosperity, barley – up to the benefits of rice – the fulfillment of desires, a good marriage; oats – to gifts.

Women’s dream book

To dream of grain promises fun, entertainment, success and luck in business, and for the girls – indispensable a good acquaintance with the worthy man, and a happy life together with him.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Grain in a dream – a symbol of wealth and prosperity, a large crop, worthy of remuneration, the successful result of service and love Affairs.

A bunch of grain – prosperity, abundance, good luck.

Scattered granule – to quarrel.

Ukrainian dream book

Grain in a dream – to success; rye – to sadness; ship – to pregnancy or a large income; thresh – sign use; to sow, to profit; to hold to imminent danger.

Chinese dream interpretation

Keep in dream grain in handfuls – a sign of prosperity and advancement; to obtain or buy – to happy events in life; piled a bunch of a rice grain – a harbinger of happiness, a warning of an impending misfortune.

Esoteric dream book

To scatter the grain in a dream – a warning about a small material losses; raking in a handful – to colds with runny nose and cough; many grains is a sign of honour, a little to the tasty booze; sprouted grain – for grain devoured by birds – in front of a heavy and a poor period.

Dream bitches

Dreams grain dream interpretation interpret as a symbol of wealth, health, luck, strong friendship with a nice and reliable people, harmonious marriage.

See threshing grain is joy in the successes of friends, the corn itself – to success in all endeavors.

See damp or rotting grain, a warning about the threat to your welfare and material damage through his own fault, be careful in business.

Nibbled by mice grain – the losses due to conflicts with your surroundings; parlavano birds to losses due to excessive vanity; and abandoned or lost – be careful, you lose some important details.


What dreams grain: robust, whole – for good luck, success in economic matters, a good harvest; a twisted, heavy work; sprouted – profits; in the bins to the viability and long-term prosperity; in the bag – to a steady income; lot of bags to wealth.

Choose the grain from the ears – up to receive blessings; to scatter – to quarrel with their own initiatives; sell – to success in Affairs of; buy – in loss property.

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