That heralds the gooseberries in a dream?

This berry can bring great pleasure to the connoisseur, but maybe old stuff. With dreams of a gooseberry, the situation is much the same: in some cases, they promise joy, while others have a trouble or any problems.

dream gooseberries

That heralds the gooseberries in a dream?

Dream interpretation of the seasons

If you have dreams of a gooseberry Bush, densely covered with berries, get ready for what you will gather a rich harvest, not only of the crop had berries, but all the other gifts of nature. So for all cottagers and rural residents to see the dream – a great success.

Autumn dream interpretation predicts that everyone who is in a dream, gathering the berries from the Bush, spearing her fingers, you should try to arrange his financial Affairs. Do not forget that timely fulfillment of all financial obligations – a matter of honor not only for businessman but also for any person.

Women’s dream book

In respect of such dream gives a forecast is ambiguous: on the one hand, if a young woman ate the gooseberries in a dream (especially immature), it portends her mistakes and disappointments. But on the other – the collection of gooseberries means that in the near future all your problems «safely subside», the alarm will remain in the past, and you finally come long-awaited peace.

Family dream book also says that young women gooseberry portends bitter disappointments. But for others, it is definitely a very good sleep.

The Dream Miller

Girls green gooseberries in a dream is better not to eat, otherwise the mouth will be felt in real life. Collection of gooseberry gives the sleeper the hope of greater opportunities in the interest of his business, and gooseberries to dream is a good sign, which indicates that in the near future, man will happy deliverance from all the vicissitudes and anxieties.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Not advised to engage in the dream of cooking gooseberry jam, otherwise you will inevitably have in the near future to hear about yourself the gossip. Otherwise, this berry is not a bad sign: quarreling lovers, friends and relatives he warns about the imminent reconciliation, and all the others about the sudden positive change in their lives.

Ukrainian dream book

This interpreter gooseberries in a dream interprets as a harbinger of good luck, health, pleasure, and some pleasant surprises. However, to eat in a dream a lot of gooseberries – diseases of the stomach (by the way, in real life this also can happen to a fan of the berry).

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