To dream of gold – what is it?

Dream of gold is what? The luster of gold jewelry, coins or bullion attracts and fascinates. How brilliant and happy life means had the gold, tells of different dreams.

What dreams gold

What dreams of gold?

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dream of gold or all kinds of jewelry out of it – a dream foretells deception, disaster, the explosion of passions and vices. While gold bullion – to the acquisition of secret knowledge, spiritual wisdom.

English dream interpretation

Had a gold foreshadows the unfortunate fate of poverty and misery, bad investments.

In the dream your beloved has a lot of gold – the marriage will be unhappy with him.

French dream book

Gold dream to extravagant actions, fake – you will know the truth.

Find gold – profit, to collect, to deception and loss.

Ukrainian dream book

Gold in a dream – a bad sign, a harbinger of danger, separation from family, time wastage; false – promises of the Wildcats.

To find gold in a dream – for profit; lose – loss, the death of someone from the family; to wear a warning of danger; to steal – to a loss of respect; to give – to participate in the wedding celebration; to own a large number of gold – you are surrounded by freeloaders.

Oriental dream book

Gold in a dream promises deception and delusion; of plain gold ring – in someone else’s wedding, decorated with stones to your own wedding.

Persian dream book

To dream gold for women – a good sign, for the man – the harbinger of sorrow and grief.

Sell or buy gold – signifies grief; melting – to gossip about you.

Chinese dream interpretation

What dream items gold jewelry – K of nobility and wealth; tableware – the birth of a noble offspring; kitchen utensils – a great happiness; pins or hair barrettes – to the distant journey.

Women’s dream book

During sleep to keep the gold in hand – to extraordinary success in all areas of life; to find, to achieve consistency and respect on your own merits; to lose – to lost a happy chance to find a gold-mine, to do the difficult but honourable duty; for a woman to receive a donation of gold products – to marriage with a rich but greedy man.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Dream gold dream interpretered as a symbol of material wealth and precious memories that promises disappointment. Golden utensils dream to exalted hopes of the coin to cheating and failure.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

To dream of gold bars, scrap or jewelry – to the disclosure of important secrets; a cross of gold up to a large family of sorrow, the crown – to the fateful changes, the ring – to get acquainted with a new friend; a scattering of coins – a significant increase in salary.

There is gold – the respect of colleagues; to embroider with gold thread – to receive the joyous news.


What dreams of gold: the sand – fooled friends; chain to useful time, or lie; a locket – to receive a decent remuneration for work; necklace – happiness in love; the cross is joy; a chest full of coins or bullion to the evil gossip about you; tableware – career growth; fake is to cheat.

To take the gold in hand for luck and wealth; just to see, to falsehood and deception; to buy – to losses; sell – to big changes; to find – to get acquainted with a reliable person; to lose – to lost opportunities and losses.

Family dream book

In a dream to find gold jewellery – K profit and promoted their own efforts; to lose – to loss most happy to have the opportunity due to carelessness.

Esoteric dream book

Dreaming gold promises ruin and impoverishment; to give or to give him gifts and surprises; get a gift – monetary losses; to wear gold jewelry – a warning about the possibility of becoming a victim of assault.

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