What dream ball?

Ball, or basketball, football or child, the appearance of in a dream symbolizes life and the dreamer. What the downers say about the ball? In most cases, the prognosis of such dreams is positive.

dream ball

Goal: the interpretation of dreams

Women’s dream book

To see how the ball rests in the hands, and then roll away, to acute attacks of jealousy. You should not torture yourself in a similar sense, it destroys from within.

If the ball was initially great, and then went down or burst, it portends ill-considered, rash decisions, the consequences of which are unpleasant.

A modern dream book

The ball in the dream that rolls into the hands of the dreamer, which marks a quick meeting with friends, pleasant and good news. A dream in which the ball roll from his master, speaks of empty dreams and desires that are not to be realized.

Buying a ball dreaming up new interesting acquaintances, acquiring a loyal friend. Lose the ball in the dream — different losses, failure in business and at work.

Ball games with an adult was interpreted as a warning about the imminent quarrel, argument with loved ones. If the dreamer plays with the baby, then the dream suggests that soon his children (or relatives, friends) will bring great troubles and problems.

Dream Book Of Veles

What dream ball? Soon a romantic date or meeting friends. There is also a negative interpretation of the dream: the emergence of the ball heralds the emergence of obstacles to the implementation of the plans.

Ball game — to increase capital, improve the financial situation.

A vision in which a sleeping person rolls the ball in different directions, means wasting mental and physical strength in the shuffle.

To see the visions of the children the ball — quick to overcome obstacles that stand in the way to implement the desired.

Esoteric dream book

Getting the ball in the basket on the first attempt portends success in business, gain, speed of making important decisions. Tossing the ball in the air dream to financial risk, people can get rid of the legacy or permanent income.

The dream dictionary from A to z

To see how the ball falls into the water, — insolvency, the conclusion of the unprofitable transaction. A dream in which man sees himself as a player in soccer, kicking a ball, heralds the recognition of its leader in a working environment.

Pursuit in the dream constantly ukutyvaemsya the ball means that the dreamer should put a lot of effort to get promoted.

If the ball is heading towards the sleeping man, then it heralds an unexpected reward.

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