What a dream to go shopping?

To dream of shopping the shelves is considered a good omen. Let’s find out what dream of to buy in shop certain subjects.

Seen in a dream how to make in-store purchases, – rejoice, your business will be a success, and all thanks to the efforts of your family and friends. Choose between different products – the company will prosper and will bring considerable profit. The shelves are crammed with a rich assortment is good luck. Too thoroughly choose the product, profit can be small. Dream shop, which sells clothing and wait for a raise, increase in wages. Empty shelves in a clothing store predicting the collapse of your hopes, the failure to realize the intended goal.

what a dream to buy in the store

What a dream to shop

Women’s dream book

In the dream, to be in the store full of a variety of goods, success in business, prosperity of the business. Shop with empty shelves – will not be able to implement their plans, there could be a scandal in the house. The dream was in a Department store – will be able to profit from different sources. Buy it products – the case will go to the mountain. And want to know what dream to go shopping? Was in the grocery Department clean and comfortable, happiness and prosperity at home, in family life.

Family dream book

To see in the night of Saturday rich goods store – to prosperity, wealth, leisure. To see the shop with a large assortment in on Monday night – your efforts and energy will be key to success. Be seen from Thursday to Friday a dream in which you go in the empty store – expect trouble, quarrels and scandals. Supermarket dream to change opinions about friends or getting a long-awaited monetary reward.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

What dream of a new shop with a rich selection of goods? Waiting for invitations to visit, a pleasant party, meeting new people. Little shop – adding to the economy. Large market or Department store symbolizes the power of the state in which you live. If it is filled with goods, colorful food – there will be economic growth. Empty shelves – expected crisis.

You need to watch less TV, read the news, you better take care of his farm and Affairs. Bookstore – fond of reading new books. Too bright and lit Windows indicate that you’ll be jealous friend who will be more successful. Sex shop – for a romantic dinner or a walk with a loved one, buy her goods – sex will bring a real pleasure.

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