What dream barefoot in the dream

If you saw in a dream that walking without shoes, open dream: to walk barefoot most often mean trouble in your personal life or the evil intentions of the enemies. You need to prevent troubles.

Barefoot in a dream

What does it mean to dream that you are walking barefoot

Oriental dream book

If a young woman sees a dream in which she walks barefoot along the beach, splashed water, it is a sign that its undertakings will be successful. Barefoot on the wet sand – a sign quickly is a triumph. If such a dream sees a woman or girl, she should expect increased attention from men.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

Regardless of who was barefoot in the dream: you or another stranger, this dream means that your dreams will be destroyed. Will not come true not one of them. Other interpretations – your enemies are watching your actions, you are very vulnerable to their enemies, treacherous people build you the machinations.

Spring dream interpretation

In a negative way to interpret this dream spring dream: walk barefoot – for the poverty and impoverishment. If in addition to this feet were blood – will result in her enemies. If feet were bare and mud is a good sign, you come to the money.

ABC of the interpretation

Walking barefoot in a dream because of the loss of shoes is a sign of insecurity of the dreamer in their abilities. If the person in the dream walked barefoot on the ground, but felt a pleasant sensation is a good sign. Such a person will be successful in that business, which he did. If a person feels uncomfortable due to the lack of shoes in the near future it expect trouble, provoked his long-forgotten mistakes.

Ukrainian dream book

A dream in which you walked barefoot in the dew, is a good sign which promises you good health. But if the dew much you pricks or stings, be careful.

The Dream Miller

If you dream you are wandering in the dark somewhere with no shoes on, be prepared to crash your hopes. Every step you will meet with insurmountable obstacles.

Women’s dream book

Specially for the fairer sex at the women’s dream book says that barefoot running is a sign that the woman did not hesitate freely to Express your feelings. Such confidence, looseness and freedom strengthen her relationship and make them durable. If a woman saw herself walking on the Sunny coast they are waiting for the fulfillment of all their desires.

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