To dream of glue

Universal glue can glue everything but human relationships. What predicts the glue in my sleep? Is the answer different interpreters.

What dreams glue dream interpretation

What dreams glue dream interpretation

A modern dream book

When in the dream you accidentally spilled glue, you can expect unpleasant events, portending great harm. Seen glue lady foretells the persecution of the unpleasant type.

In the dream you had anything glued – so really get understanding from a friend or loved one.

When glue something failed, expect problems related to your excessive openness.

Saw the glue dried – the possible breakup of a love relationship or divorce couples.

In dream interpretation to get dirty with glue is treated as difficult getting rid of a clingy friend too.

Idiomatic dream book

To dream of glue means in reality to care for someone or meet a new person.

Small dream book of Veles

I saw in the dream? Wait for their reliable companion.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Seen the glue can mean that all your plans have a solid Foundation, and then successfully implemented.

When you had to dream of the glue something together,- in fact it means that you are not very confident in their partners.

Spilled glue, wait some life troubles.

When in the dream you had to cook the glue – so, in reality, will perform work on the house.

When you apply the glue to something in a dream, your fans are mostly watching on your savings than on your quality.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Dream interpretation interprets as seen glue: strong relationships both in personal sphere and in the sphere of work.

Saw in a dream a bottle of glue – so in reality regardless of your desires to you will stick is a bad man.

When you have to glue in a dream something means you are worried about the reliability of your partner.

Boiling glue is a dream to receipts.

Cooked paste to glue the Wallpaper? In real life you make a lot of these things will be able to handle very quickly.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Saw the glue in the dream – means that soon will become the owner of significant wealth.

To the small household chores dreaming of cooking the glue.

When in a dream you put on any glue, wait for the reality of the moment, when you see the true face of the fan who pays more attention not to your quality, and your wealth.

Stuck what – expect lucrative job offers.

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