Breaking a glass in a dream, dream interpretation

The interpretation of dreams about glasses dreams are quite different. They often involve frustration and disappointment. But there are positive interpretations: glasses in the dream, talking about a happy future, good luck and joyful meetings.

What dream glasses in the dream?

What dream glasses in the dream?

Dream Interpretation Of Simon The Zealot

If a healthy person sees in a dream a glass, he will be happy. For the patient this dream promises a speedy recovery.

Culinary dream book

Be prepared for the fact that you try to impose on society an unpleasant person for you. This will give you a lot of difficulties.

Spring dream interpretation

A dream about a glass of wine, which you hold in your hand, suggests that people treat you favorably. They wish you a good and well-being. If the glass was empty, be prepared that your friend will treat you disingenuous. To break a glass, wait for the move.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you dream you saw a glass, but it is out of your reach, you will dismiss absurd rumors. If you refused the drink, wait for unfortunate circumstances. Glass as a gift – a good sign. You become the owner of a large fortune, and received his hereditary share. This dream can mean a promotion at work.

If a girl sees in a dream a glass, she will become a mother soon. If a sick person is drinking from the Golden glass, it will slowly but surely get better. Breaking a glass in a dream – to disease. Empty glasses in a dream – you will be lonely or will lose anything.

Autumn dream interpretation

Drinking from a beautiful glass gem – a bad sign. You will have your own experience to see what poverty and destitution. To prevent such a development is unlikely to succeed.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A glass of crystal – big trouble, the consequences of which will be felt for a long time. To clink glasses – for gossip and intrigue against you. You can betray at any moment even close, so you need to act very carefully. You can save only common sense.

To dream of glasses – alas and troubles in communication. You will have to contact the person that will be annoying their persistence. Breaking a glass is a favorable sign. This dream promises success and fortune in a long time. You will have time to implement their plans and to solve problems. Fortune will be favorable to you, so go ahead and begin to act without delay. Broken glass could mean small losses, but you are especially angry because of them.

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