What a dream to have a daughter?

If you had a shocking dream where you gave birth to a girl, is not is familiar with about your current state or a future pregnancy. What a dream to have a daughter? To correctly interpret dreams help dreams.

Give birth to a dream girl

Give birth to a dream girl

Dream Interpretation Vanga

The birth of her daughter in a dream means that in reality pleasant and unexpected meeting. If such a dream sees a woman who is married, she may soon expected completion in the family and in real life. In General, the dream foretells happy events, profit, well-being, because in itself the birth of a child carries only positive energy and meaning.

If in the dream your baby passed with complications, the reality you expect difficulties in solving problems, but luck will still be on your side, and you will achieve desired. To give birth in the dream the girl is easy and painless, says that your difficulties will help to overcome the stranger.

If such a dream sees a married woman who already has adult children and no plans to acquire small, in reality, their relationship with your husband will blossom and ignite passion with renewed vigor.

Dream Interpretation Freud

In the dream Freud. to have a daughter-then to soon income. As you get closer to the dreams you have started a new business, all plans will be translated into reality and the results of the work will delight you immediately.

This dream can also be a precursor of the fateful meeting with the man in your life.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Dream interpretation answers the question, what a dream to have a daughter, so your life is waiting for a sharp turn, change, new discoveries. The person who you will meet shortly will change all your old way, despite the fact that perhaps at the moment you are not ready for radical changes.

A modern dream book

The birth of a daughter is a sign that in the near future you will have the chance to start life with a clean slate. If the child was born dead dream, be careful it can be the precursor of disease and loneliness. If you gave birth to a daughter, despite all the difficulties and doubts, so in real life you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you dream that as a result of long and painful childbirth came to light your baby, in reality you are waiting for happiness and success in his new endeavors. If the birth took place in water, then in the near future your family is waiting for replenishment.

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