What a dream girl?

What dreams of a little girl, according to information from the different horoscopes?

Girl in the dream

Girl in the dream

Dream Meridian

To see the birth of a girl – happiness, joy. Baby girl dream to success in work.

If the dream of a young girl waiting for her great joy where her mother becomes very worry. Bathing a newborn is to deal with the problem, and feed to avoid problems.

If the girl dreamed the woman, maybe she will become a mother.

What dreams of baby girls? If it’s a baby and a dream of a childless person, subconsciously it ready to be a mother. The second option – the desire always to be in control in life. To dream, as the infant, a girl feeds a woman, means that soon there will be changes in financial position, subject to slight profit.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

To dream of a pretty girl whose appearance looks like a doll, a true miracle.

Summer dream

To see the girl – for the unexpected.

To babysit a girl to quarrel with his superiors.

Please watch for a little to serious observation in the workplace.

A man who saw in a dream child, are in for a pleasant and long-awaited meeting with relatives.

For a woman to see herself as a little means that it will face problems of children and possible news from home.

Unkempt girl in the dream, collapse, loss of hope, big problem.

Dream healer Fedorov

To see the girls – surprise, joy.

For lengthy conversations with a girl – profits.

Let the house of another girl to the party.

To see that in a strange girl to suspicion.

To drive the girl to be jealous of someone.

To copulate with a young stranger – fortunately.

Oriental dream book

According to him, had a beautiful baby girl in clean clothes – to the good news. But if a kid bites or dirty, we should expect bad news.

To babysit or to play with a little girl to learn something amazing.

Spring dream interpretation

Saw a girl – expected surprises that will surprise.

Autumn dream interpretation

If a woman dreamed that her daughter was ill, then she will not get sick. For girls to see a pretty girl means that soon she might get pregnant.

Children’s dream book

If dreamt the girl, then there is a need for some time alone.

Small dream book of Veles

A dream in which the girl foretells loss or death of a loved one.

A modern dream book

A dream girl for men means the joy of long-awaited visits with family.

When a woman dreams she is a little girl that children will bring to her troubles, the probable good news from home.

Sloppy girl – fail to work, collapse, loss of hope, the trouble.

Women’s dream book

A grown woman dreaming that she is a little girl, trying to escape from life’s problems parent’s back.

Dream book 2012

The girl is a symbol of immaturity, the woman remains inside a child.

Dream interpretation of the Pechora healer

Girl unforeseen event.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If in the dream a man surrounded by young, beautiful girls, in reality he goes in nice and interesting company. The dress is white on the girls means good luck, prosperity.

A little girl to be in a dream – to a small loss and surprise, a girl comes into the house to the intruders, trying to drive her to fail; having long conversations with her – to succeed, to make a profit.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Girl – to financial losses in the family, a close person to leave and not return.

To talk to the girl – unnatural death of an acquaintance.

The girl who braided hair in a braid, the birth of a baby, the trouble, the joy, the implementation of the plans.

To have a daughter of marriageable age and at the same time to see sleep with the girl – you should start to collect a dowry.

Dream interpretation birthdays of January, February, March, April

According to dream interpretation, to see a girl in a dream means much to wonder something.

Dream bitches

A woman dreams that she is a little girl – experiences, inability to move on, the constant feeling of guilt because of bad deeds committed once.

Girl – a pleasant surprise.

Play with baby to keep a strong friendship for a long time.

Dream interpretation birthdays September, October, November, December

To see her daughter being unwell in reality, it will not hurt.

The girl who saw in a dream a pretty girl who soon gets pregnant.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The girl is a symbol of protector. If the dream of a man, that he may receive the assistance, and if the woman it means that she remains a girl.

Dream interpretation birthday may, June, July, August

If dreamt the girl doll beauty, it portends a miracle.

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