To dream of a giraffe – dream interpretation

giraffe in dreams

Giraffe in a dream — what dream these animals

In real life we can see a live giraffe in the zoo. In dreams we can also observe this animal, but such dreams bring a certain sense. Often, they warn that person adventures, work, or embezzlement.

Autumn dream interpretation

Giraffe in a dream is evidence that you are not able to calculate the moves, evaluate what is happening one-sided and only scratch on the surface, not penetrating deeper.

Children’s dream book

If a child saw in a dream that animal, let him agree to what he said to the people, elders. They are smart and know a lot more. Their advice is quite wise and can warn children from reckless behavior.

Oriental dream book

If the girl I saw in dream giraffe in the jungle, let him know that her lover does not possess those good qualities, which she gave him in his dreams.

If in the dream you were watching a giraffe that in the near future you will be surprised some event.

To see this exotic animal in night dreams is time-consuming work.

Dream Interpretation Freud

This dream suggests that the person, the location of which you seek, very proud and arrogant. In addition to selfishness and contempt for people he has nothing. Besides the man thinks he is very noble to have any business with you. Think again, throw him out of my head, heart and soul. It is better to forget and not to suffer than to feel contempt.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

To dream of a giraffe is to an interesting adventure and a long trip. But be prepared for what the trip costs will be huge. See that it didn’t spoil your impression of the trip, otherwise you will worry about what you don’t have enough money. If a man dreamt he was stroking a giraffe, he’s lucky. The lady that he dreams that will soon settle down to it.

Dream Interpretation Longo

If you had a dream to observe a giraffe, so your current dreams isn’t possible. I do not expect that they will be completed in the near future, otherwise, you will suffer bitter disappointment. If the dream of a giraffe bent his long neck down, rejoice. Senior people will lie to you and offer their help and support. A herd of giraffes before the meeting and the showdown with the enemies. If in the dream you rode a giraffe, so you become very arrogant. Your pride has achieved great heights, you consider yourself above those people had a relationship previously.

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