What is dreaming of a giant?

It is unlikely that today you can see a man on the street-giant. But in the dream it may be to you. And for what it may be, explain the various dream books.

what dreams giant

What dreams giant

A modern dream book

In the dream book giant-man predicts likely problems with the condition.

When I had to dream of a giant, will soon have a long journey. If he sat in a dream – wait for successful completion.

If you are a giant in the dream attacked, then you think wrong head.

When they managed to defeat the giant in a dream, so it really belongs in vain for something to hope for.

If in the dream kiss with giant, so in real life people will be in confusion of relations with the lady.

The giant appeared in the dream unexpectedly, then, in fact it is too heavy against your competitors.

To a quick victory over enemies – that’s what dreams giant, which managed to defeat and rout. If dreamt a giant in the fight was able to subjugate, expect disappointments and defeats.

Oriental dream book

When in the dream in front of you suddenly appeared a giant, in reality you expect difficulties in the field of business and have to act to survive. And if this sleeping giant will be able to scare, then, in such a struggle will fail.

In the book of dreams the giant, who runs away from you during a struggle, portends good health and success in all Affairs.

Family dream book

To various clashes with their enemies – that’s what dreams giant.

When in the dream the giant stopped you, in reality, faced with defeat. If you managed to win and he runs away, will celebrate their victory.

The giant in the dream can dream to what you are trying to achieve at the desired influential person.

Had to fight with the giant – in reality will solve the problems with enemies. At this point you have to forget about personal matters and to switch to serious life issues.

I saw in the dream as the giant itself? Definitely wait fast success. But we should not rely on our own strength, be sure to use the help of people close to you.

The dream dictionary from A to z

When the dream happened to witness a giant, in reality you would expect the machinations of enemies who want to harm.

The giant in the dream he was sitting in wait for the success.

When he attacked you in your sleep, waking you will be a considerable criticism of the Manager.

When the giant is gentle and flexible, life will be prosperous.

If he suddenly appeared in front of you on the way will be faced with fears and doubts.

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