Getting lost in a dream — what is it?

Lost in dreams – failures, predicament, uncertainty and intrigues. If you are lost, can’t find the exit in a dream, remember all the details of the dream and what happened after that.

getting lost in a dream

Dream interpretation: getting lost in a dream

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Getting lost in open space, in the field – to find the way to success and to get out of a difficult life situation;

— in the forest – it will be difficult to overcome the troubles;

— in a strange place – will travel;

time to seek out you miscalculated and now you will pay for mistakes.

Dream book of white magician Yuri Longo

If the sleeper dreams that he sees that he got lost and could not find a way out, his soul is full of fears about the future. Most likely, you are surrounded by enemies or just pessimists who claim that you don’t succeed.

Getting lost in the city – exit at nature, you are negatively affected by the noise and bustle of the metropolis;

— in the labyrinth – a complex task will take a lot of time and mental energy;

— the building – look to others, someone specially fool you.

Small dream book of Veles

In dream interpretation being lost may have a different interpretation. Remember where you sought out and how it happened:

— in urban areas – troubles associated with the work;

— in the forest – sickness, profit;

— in the field – a romantic relationship;

— buildings, – do not look for complex solutions, your problems will be solved by themselves;

— not to find out – in jail.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

If sleep is lost and trying to find a way out, plagued by internal conflicts, doubts about the correctness of the choice in life. You see no prospects do not know in what direction to move in.

Imperial dream book

If the sleeper is trying to understand what a dream to get lost, he needs to remember where he lost a landmark, and what feelings were experienced:

— in the woods – your selfishness and narcissism play a cruel joke;

— get lost and not feel panic, resentment, troubles will resolve themselves;

seeming to seek a way out – you will be able to get out of the difficulty without loss;

— lost and scared – you do not trust others and do not believe in spiritual values.

A modern dream book

Suddenly lost heralds a new, unexpected adventure that can change your life and break her calm way. Straying in the grove, surrounded by many trees – profit, win pay increase.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov E.

Getting lost in urban areas – the inability to finish the job;

in the forest is to the offense, the loss of respect.

Spring dream interpretation

If you get lost, then soon you will have to sort out the complicated case, which will be not under force.

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