What does it mean to dream General?

Meeting in a dream with the General can promise a lot and not very pleasant events. To understand, you need to remember all the circumstances. Just so you can understand the meaning of the dream.

sleep General

What in the dream see it General?

Oriental dream book

Communication with General — you have very powerful friends who will assist you in a difficult situation. If this role in a dream played by some of the relatives, help will come soon.

The newest dream book

To dream of General — very soon you will achieve the desired or to realize a dream.

Lunar dream book

The appearance of the General suggests that you can safely rely on the patronage. It will bring good luck.

A modern dream book

Appeared General in a dream — you will be respected by others.

If General you do — expect that soon you will give crucial orders.

Communication with high-level military — to the emergence of a powerful patron.

The Interpreter Of The Winter

The General is always in a dream predicts great opportunities, implementation of which depends on the will power.

To communicate with the General, look at it your situation may well be stronger if you put some effort properly to take advantage of the situation.

To argue with the General soberly assess their capabilities, whether they are built plans. Maybe you will find a big disappointment, because you raised the bar very high.

To stand in the way of General — prepare to implement the plans will be possible only by an enormous effort of will.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

The appearance of the General portends big trouble.

You are the General job loss, a difficult situation.

Some of your friends became a General — you are waiting for bad news, which will lead to many troubles.

Ukrainian dream book

The appearance of the General in a dream suggests that if the boss will support your initiatives, they will be successfully implemented.

Chaldean interpreter

Had General you will soon reveal the great deception. Also you can wait for a big disappointment.

Star dream interpretation

General in the dream suggests that, despite the respect from the colleagues and friends, you are actually experiencing great financial difficulties. You used to command, but because of their situation are often forced to obey other people.

General means that someone is protecting, protects.

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