What dream geese in the dream?

When the geese have lived in every yard, and many people faced with their unfriendly nature of reality. Today, these birds often can be seen in the wild or in night dreams. A dream books give his explanation of what the geese in the dream.

What dreams geese dream interpretation

What dreams geese dream interpretation

Children’s dream book

This interpreter explains the appearance of geese in the dream future trouble. Open attacks will not inflict a sucker punch, someone, maybe even someone you considered a close friend.

Russian folk dream interpretation

According to dream interpretation, geese are associated with pride, arrogance, self-assurance. You need to remember how the geese behave in the dream in real life will behave, those who are near the person who dreamed birds.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Interpretation of dream interpretation of white or gray geese is based on the famous saying «like water off a duck». The bird that appears in a dream, becomes a symbol of a successful outcome, that is, no matter what difficulties do not stand in the way, man will be able to win.

The second interpretation is based on Russian fairy tales, in which the geese are on the side of good. Therefore if in a dream white geese eat from human hands, this means that the higher power in the Affairs of his.

Goose family swimming in clean water of a river or lake, symbolizes the human family and the relationships between them. Parents and their brood – a symbol of the strong family, wealth and prosperity.

Meeting with the goose who’s trying to pinch means that in real life very soon will have to face a very proud man, ready to pinch any nearby. The appearance of such dignified birds – a warning of the need to be careful and to stay away from an arrogant person.

If you dream of a flock of geese, who when they see someone raise a terrible noise, then this dream can signify imminent danger. As his time cackling geese saved Rome from the enemy, and in the dream they are warned about the precautions necessary in behavior in the coming days.

Ukrainian dream book

In this interpreter you can find some other explanation. The cry of the geese is not a warning of danger, but only the company of gossips, loud and lots of gossip. Another thing, if the same pack will be seen in flight, so people who sleep dream, too, must prepare for the trip. However there are other version that people are not leaving home, but rather coming to him.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Goose – a symbol of family life, catch it for a wedding.

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