Giving money in a dream

To dream of money – for change. The new bill promises the rise of the business, a big bonus, a career, a luxurious wedding. Coins and small paper money warn of possible trouble, sickness, sadness.

In the dream gave money

In the dream gave money


In the dream give the money? You can expect that your family will soon move to a new big house. Children will enjoy health and good behavior. A large amount means that the head of the family receives a promotion or to run their own business. If the wife in the dream gives money a woman should pay more attention to her husband appeared on the horizon.


Take cash to the replenishment of the family is a young couple. An elderly couple in this case may rely on the income of the family piggy Bank. For the participants of trials – the successful outcome of the case, the verdict will be in your favor. Giving money in a dream is not always good. Probably, destiny warns against unnecessary extravagance, which will result in poverty and deprivation.


Money received in a dream from relatives, say that you are a pillar of the family. Your home base is well protected. Storms of life will be a party, the love and support of your family will help to overcome all adversity. Lent someone in the dream large sum? Get ready for reality to conflicts at work or lack of understanding from friends.


You can understand what a dream to give money, if to remember the details of the dream. You have honored someone in a relaxed, joyful atmosphere – expect a pleasant surprise, an unexpected gift of fate. When you are handed a stack of bills in an unpleasant, dirty, and dark place – should be wary of trick. Maybe the person covertly hates you and is waiting for the moment to make a vile.


Dream book warns that to give the money – so in reality are in dire need of support. Likely, you are experiencing not the best time. Look around, trust life. There are people willing to help. If you take some money in the dream, then soon expect a positive decision.


Money scattered on the floor represent an unnecessary extravagance. What comes easily, is often lost. It is better to limit unnecessary costs. Fate is not always supportive. Create stock about a rainy day, it’s easier to survive temporary difficulties. Take control of your finances: sleep advises to allocate resources.

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