To dream of gate – what is it?

To dream of himself pass through the gates – an alarming sign. It may be a harbinger of bad news, problems in business, misunderstandings. But in some cases, such a dream predicts the opposite – happiness and prosperity.

What dream gate in the dream?

What dream gate in the dream?

Any gate you dream

The closed gate in dreams represent life’s obstacles, the difficult road that leads to the goal. Free passage indicates that before you all doors are open, you will only achieve, and it is not so difficult.

Large high gate – will live in prosperity, will achieve a high position in society, to get a promotion at work.

To dream gate dissolved wide, will reach the goal smoothly, you just need to wait a bit.

Broken, old gates family troubles, broken relationships, acquaintance with a bad person.

New – wealth, fame.

Stone – long life.

Beautiful – peace in the home.

In the dream gate opened in the wall of the city – portends quarrels, swearing.

Sleep events

If you have a daughter of marriageable age in the dream you saw as bringing someone through the gate, that is a sign that soon she will be married, leaves his father’s house. Other events of dreams are interpreted.

Cracked sash is a great joy.

Through the gates – disturbing news from afar.

The gate to the fire – mourning.

Gates open themselves for wife and some other guy.

To repair the gate – good luck, great luck.

To change the old for the new addition to the family.

Someone climbed over the gate will fall under the influence of a bad man.

Open – failure in business.

To close – will be able to avoid trouble, make a successful undertaking, you will find faithful companions.

A dream in which you are swinging on the doors of the gate, indicates that soon you’ll become an amazing adventure. Make empty gestures.

Obstacles in the dream

Obstacles that do not allow the dreamer to pass through gates associated with life’s obstacles – enemies, paperwork, stopping quickly to finish the job…

The pit in front of the gate is the obstacle in the planned Affairs.

Entrance is tightly closed or blocked – the case is doomed to failure.

Before the passage of the tender grass is getting high ranks.

The doors open with difficulty – accomplish, make an effort.

If you passed through the gate with another person – wait for the transition to a new stage in the relationship. So interpreted these dreams.

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