What is seen garlic in a dream

Something to dream about garlic?

garlic in a dream

Garlic in a dream, what does it mean?

Magical dream interpretation

Depending on what the dreamer does in a dream with garlic, you can interpret the dream. If the person planting it in the ground, in reality, inherent protection from evil spirits. If the garlic gave up the dream gathered in a bunch, the reality of the sleeping person can be confident in their own abilities. He can prove his innocence and ready to do it if necessary. When the garlic is still very young and green, then people in real life can do as you want, because he feels his freedom.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

Garlic in a dream symbolizes good health, good relationships with colleagues and a quick promotion. The dreamer will succeed in business. Imagine for a moment that you use garlic as a seasoning to the dish, standing on the table. Now try a little from each plate. What happened?

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

If you had a process of weeding the garlic, in life you will be successful. Freak accident allows him to get rich. If this dream a young woman, she should be prepared for a swift marriage. However, would this be a marriage of convenience. To dream of eating garlic – it is the fact that you have to abandon old dreams and ideals of the past, to do something more real. In the struggle for justice, these people prefer peace and do not hurry event.

Prepared FEBE

Garlic to dream of health, which was not in the best condition. Just think how great it will be to go to the market and buy a bunch of garlic, then add a few cloves into each prepared dish. It certainly should improve the condition.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

If you had a garlic – symbol of protection, it is necessary to consider several interpretations of the dream. Since ancient times, this product was of particular importance. Due to its unusual shape and large number of teeth he is also considered a symbol of fertility. Garlic is used in order to get rid of evil forces in the house. This was facilitated by its specific pungent smell. He drives away the evil forces from the owners. In addition, in this dream the garlic is touted as a mascot, which gives courage and protects the human body in the heart area. This valuable product has previously been used as a magical attribute. Therefore, he is credited with magical properties. It is worth remembering only the many films where the garlic is working for the benefit of the forces of good as the subject for exorcism, cleansing the house from the dark forces.

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