Dream interpretation: had the garbage

The garbage in the house: sleep. What a dream to see the garbage? Perhaps it is a warning of impending trouble.

What dream garbage in the dream?

What dream garbage in the dream?

Women’s dream book

To dream of garbage, means that you don’t have the willpower to control my life. If the garbage is collected together, you will be involved in some public undertakings. Trash is not the most favorable character, so his appearance heralds an uncomfortable situation, embarrassments, sorrows and concerns.

Literary dreams

Garbage: dream interpretation. If you had trash, you will face the gossip will become the object of discussions or you’ll be discussing someone, find out what friends show interest in your family life. To see that everything is covered with debris – in the near future an event will occur that will spoil the mood. Had a dream that you diligently collect the trash at work you will become a subject of discussion among colleagues, although they do not notice another’s interest.

To clean up the garbage in my sleep, and then again to spill it – to quarrel with each other. To see that room after repair is covered by debris – you will not be able to restore friendly relations with the person with whom you recently quarreled. Had debris flying through the air – about your quarrel with homemade becomes known at work.

A modern dream book

To dream of garbage in the house means that you are clinging on to unwanted memories, judging others for their indiscretions. Clean, get rid of the rubbish – seek to overcome the difficulties. Sweeping the floor, which is a lot of garbage – you want to banish from his human life that are unpleasant to you. Mountains of rubbish in a dream promises problems at work, heavy tasks from his superiors. Food waste – the waste, the dregs, dream failures in business, this dream is interpreted as unfavorable for those who have their job.

To see the pile of garbage on fire, money.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Seeing garbage in a dream – you do not bring the case to the end and themselves dissatisfied with it. Garbage symbolizes displeasure with the current situation, unpleasant feeling in my soul after recent events. Throw garbage in the garbage chute you are afraid that your life goes in vain. To see debris flying through the chute, you need to give vent to negative emotions.

Esoteric dream book

According to this dream, trash in the dream symbolizes well-being and promises a cash income. To put waste into one pile in your mind Matures big decision, throw away trash, decide to cut off unnecessary communication.

Carry it to the garbage chute in their failures, you tend to blame others.

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