A funeral in a dream

Accidentally seen in reality a funeral is a sad sight. And what have the funeral of a man? Find out the interpretation of this dream multiple dreams.

What dream funeral

What dream funeral

Seasonal dream interpretation

The funeral in the dream – for long life; the funeral of a stranger to the harmony of the soul, good mood.

The tolling of bells in a dream represents someone’s death in reality.

To bury someone alive to imprisonment or incredible events; to see myself buried alive – a warning about possible health problems, the possibility of asthma.

Dream Meridian

To dream of the funeral of unmarried/unmarried – sign of the wedding.

To carry the coffin at the funeral to cause suffering to close their dastardly deeds.

Saw the burial of a person who is already dead, to failures in cases of loss of funds; crying at the same time – expect a long trouble, was calm – it will end well.

Had a funeral of a living person – it is time to change activity, to do something new; in clear weather, to a long and happy human life; in cloudy rainy day this man was ill.

Esoteric dream book

To see a funeral in a dream – a sign of joy and success. To hide someone — wait for the gifts and happy events with friends. Own funeral in a dream – a harbinger of good luck and a long happy period.

French dream book

Having a big funeral to dishonor your home; a poor, humble – a sign of future good fortune.

The Egyptian dream book

Bury the old man in the dream to prosperity.

Small dream book of Veles

The funeral dream wedding, good luck and fortune; relatives, friends, known people, happy events, wealth, inheritance; self – a sign of unexpected joy and long life; the burial of a stranger – a sign of deception, slander, slander, slander; funeral music in a dream – to sadness, melancholy, death of a close or just a friend.

Dream Interpretation Azar

Had their burial – be healthy and live many years; someone else – be rich.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Funeral – harbinger of fun; the lavish funeral of a stranger, rich, poor, ordinary – looking to future severe trials in life; your funeral is to a long happy life, strong health, family well-being.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Had a funeral – wait wedding, the successful completion of complex cases or successful completion of span; living person, you will be invited to the wedding; the actual burial – will live long in the near future possible wedding.

A funeral procession in a dream – a harbinger of sorrow and longing (the longer it is, the longer you will have trouble).

The Dream Miller

What dream funeral: relatives – anxiety and nervous atmosphere in the family; on a clear day – family and friends will be healthy in cloudy and rainy in the near future, disease, decline in business or comes bad news; the stranger hiding to unexpected challenges and differences in communicating with others; the child is hidden – the harbinger of harmony in your home and the health of family members, but with friends there will be problems, you are waiting for disappointment.

The funeral with the death knell in the dream – wait for the sad news, possible disease someone of the missing; to call myself to the pain and problems in business.

A modern dream book

The funeral of the people in the dream symbolize the end of an important stage in life, the withering away of stereotypes and restructuring the thinking, the rejection of any Affairs or relationships, the desire to get rid of negative emotions associated with the person hiding in the dream.

Buried in sleep of a person previously hopeless case is successful, you are waiting for changes in business and internal reconfiguration.

Attended the funeral in mourning attire – probably early widowhood; crying inconsolably for burial – happiness will be short-lived; saw others grieving is good; took condolences – soon you will find a celebration of some kind.

To see myself buried alive – you can make erroneous actions and will take advantage of your enemies; managed to get out of the grave and be saved, with great difficulty, but you manage to avoid danger and turn the tide in their favor.

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