What a dream in which you see the front teeth?

The meaning of dreams about teeth may be different. It all depends on the circumstances and details of the dream.

Sleep front teeth

What does it mean to dream of front teeth

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If having front teeth that fall out, get ready, because you will witness someone’s death. In this case, if one fell out of the top front teeth, then I will exit one of the men in the family. The loss of one of the front lower teeth warnings about the possible death of the relative.

If a person saw in a dream that he lost his front tooth, but the blood is not go, let expects bad news. The family distant relatives of the accident. As an option – just a warning about the approaching tragedy. If the tooth fell out and my gums are bleeding, tragically take your own life one of the relatives. But to change a certain fail. You just have to have the courage and humility to handle what happened.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of front teeth that are pulled out – not a good sign. The relationship will be a little dead. If the dream was torn a corner of the tooth, leaving the life of older or Mature workers with kinship.

Muslim dream interpretation

Four of his front teeth – children, brothers and sisters. If people saw the damage on these teeth, then these relatives will also receive serious damage.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A terrible dream in which you had no front teeth, warns you of the possibility of serious illness or the difficulties professionally. Strong and healthy teeth, shining white, talking about the upcoming success and good health.

Small dream book of Veles

Such dreams mean that someone will die from close relatives. If you suddenly became one of the front teeth at the top, so dead. If the lower is a close relative. If the teeth are white and fortress, it is a sign of joy, good health and good luck.

Gypsy dream book

The Gypsies believed that a dream about the upper and lower front teeth – this is a prophecy about the children and family in the near knee. While the front teeth at the top – men, bottom – women and girls. If the teeth are strong, white, healthy and beautiful, then the native will live happily and safely. Damaged or decayed teeth warn about the death of someone close relatives.

If the teeth are loose, so someone of the relatives of the seriously ill can bring you a big disappointment. Uneven and crooked teeth are warning that in your family there will be many quarrels and lawsuits over getting the hereditary share. If a new tooth growing in the family or the family is expected to replenish.

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