Sleep: toad — what is it?

Not very pleasant to encounter on the way to the frog. And what does a dream where you saw this warty amphibian? This will tell the various commentators.

what dreams frog

Dream interpretation what dreams frog

A modern dream book

It is not a very good adventure — that’s what dreams frog. When the frog had a lady, in reality someone tries to defile her honor and dignity. When in the dream you had to kill a toad — in reality, anyone convicted about your views on priorities in life. When you had to lay toad hand, the cause of death of your friend may well be you.

Family dream book

The dream interpretation toad promises adventure events. It can also predict life with prosperity. When in the dream the toad jumped on you and scared, you have a love mystery or hide a third-party connection. Your adventure will end not very good for you, so it’s best to terminate such a relationship. The frog in the dream was trying to gallop away from you — you may not get the required experience if you stay at home. From Monday to Tuesday, such a dream promises a speedy marriage.

Women’s dream book

Had a frog foretells unpleasant and scandalous incident. When this amphibian had a lady, she needs to be careful, because waiting for her gossip and revelations. A lot of condemnation in the reality of waiting for someone to dream of a dead frog. When you had covered the frog with his hand — your mate may die due to your fault.

Small dream book of Veles

Before pregnancy, meeting guests, unpleasant events, different obstacles, misfortunes, of deceptions, of the problems connected with evil intention, the circulation of the gossip — that’s what dream of the frog. Have you seen a frog in the water? Will be successful in everything. Looked at a lot of frogs? It might be a nasty disease. Heard a desperate croaking frogs — wait, soon you will praise. You caught the frogs in a dream? Faced with unnecessary and empty troubles. Managed to catch a frog? Soon you will have a daughter or winnings. Killed a frog in a dream — can actually hurt your business. If you ate the frog — there is a chance that soon you will overtake the disease.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Dream toad promises the unpleasant moments and gossip. A bad sign is to crush the dream of the toad. Beheld how in your house was a considerable number of frogs, — in reality will soon see in their environment cunning and envious individuals. Throw a toad out of the house for the death of someone. When you took the frog in his hands — who will criticize your position in life.

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