What a dream, I see guy friends

Good friends is not only pleasant communication, but also mutual help and support in difficult moments of life. So is the case in real life, but it often happens that friends come to us in a dream. What is the meaning of friends in dreams, try to deal with the most popular dream books, have explanations of various dreams.

what have guy friends

What have guy friends

English dream interpretation

Turning to the source, you can find out what dream are childhood friends. The vision of the sick and infirm colleagues indicates short-tempered and contradictory nature of a sleeping person. If your buddies are happy and healthy, then your friendship is not in danger, and all their Affairs are in order.

Dream Meridian

This dream explains in detail what have guy friends. If they are in a good mood – is a sign that your relationship with your partner goes well, and the comrades will do everything we can to support it. If friends are removed from you in a dream, it means that ahead there will be some changes and we cannot exclude the separation from loved ones.

Oriental dream book

The interpretation of that wherewith you can have childhood friends, depends on their mental state in the vision. If they are happy and cheerful, that are just waiting for good news and a long-awaited meeting with the special people. If the pals are suffering from some disease or are in trouble is a sign that they are waiting for health problems.

Family dream book

This source interprets what a dream fight with friends, in the following way. This vision is a symbol that you crave new experiences and adventures, which should come to replace the old attachments. If the comrades sleeping man appear in bright robes, then he should feel anxious for their loved ones.

Women’s dream book

What you can have good friends, beautiful ladies? If they appear healthy and happy is a Testament to what is ahead waiting for pleasant meetings and news. When buddies having the sick and sad, so, you can expect a variety of ailments.

The Dream Miller

A renowned psychologist explains in his own way, what can dream of friends. If they do well, therefore, to be the long-awaited meeting and good news. If the persons buddies upset or darkened – it’s a sign that in the near future is not excluded of the disease. When one appears in animal form, so, some detractors are trying to separate you from loved ones.

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