To dream of a friend – to what?

The interpretation of dreams: what had one. The long-awaited meeting with a good friend is always happy and sets a cheerful mood in anticipation of good conversation and interesting time. Just so happens in real life, but how to relate to when this meeting happens in the dream? Different dream books give his interpretation of this vision, based on years of observation and analysis of dreams.

One dream

One in sleep is sometimes better than reality

Dream Meridian

When a former friend in the dream, it may be a harbinger of a quarrel with the current buddies. If he is in good health and good mood, so, you can expect positive news and unexpected gifts. If an old friend appears sick, sad and gloomy, this indicates possible troubles and sad memories from the past. Ex-boyfriend may have this recurring in case if you still have some unfinished business. In this situation it is better to meet each other and settle differences.

English dream interpretation

To dream of a friend with anxiety and concern means that he is in distress or suffers some kind of serious illness. If the man who appeared in the dream, happy life and peaceful, you can expect good news. Favorite, went to distant lands, the dream to the early return and the wedding ceremony. The sick and infirm friends, who are now in separation from you, indicate your quarrelsome and excessive temper.

Women’s dream book

For the fair sex dream about a friend, is in a good mood, then good news and meetings. If your friend in the dream upset or sick is a sign that there will be unpleasant events or illness. When a girl leaves her boyfriend, so she needs new impressions and the old relationship has outlived its usefulness. For the upcoming separation can dream a dream in which you shake hands with the sad and the sad man.

Oriental dream book

In this dream a friend, radiates happiness and a good mood, to dream of great news and long awaited. If he is in trouble or suffering from some infirmity, then, ahead of possible health problems. In that case, if your buddy is dressed in red clothes, it could serve as a warning about upcoming losses and troubles. When in the dream the man tries to hide his face, so, in reality, he just wants to seem a good friend and always ready to cheat.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The appearance of the friend in the dream is a reflection of the events that may soon occur in reality. The assistance provided to a friend in a dream means receiving unexpected support from good people, and a bitter dispute with a friend testifies about his infidelity, and agility. If you dream that a good friend died, we must prepare for the unexpected news. Conversation with a dead friend, foretells very important news, and all its words must be taken as the truth.

Family dream book

According to this one dream portends good news when he is in the vision of healthy and joyful. If your friend is upset, then you need to listen to your body, since it is possible the emergence of various diseases. When the friend appears in the form of an animal, it serves as a warning that there are people who wish to drive a wedge in your friendship. If in your vision you away from your friend, then, these friendships are not so important to you, you strive for change and meeting new people.

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