To dream of a fountain

Fountain in dream is a sign that warns the dreamer about the necessity to show skills to achieve their goals. If you don’t try, then it will not end well, but you have all the chances to achieve what you desire. In psychology, the image of the fountain means desire to cease to live at a certain range, to demonstrate their abilities may change your life for the better. Swim in the fountain or walking around. What have fountains?



The appearance of the water in the fountain

Clean water. To dream of a fountain with translucent water – auspicious symbol. Soon will come the happy days, when you feel real happiness. There will be events by which you will be able to throw off the yoke of everyday problems and to demonstrate their own talents.

It is not necessary to commit negative actions. If you act recklessly, can make many problems reducing life. You will be able to overcome them, but in this case, the mood will suffer.

Muddy water. Warns about the occurrence of health problems. May indicate insincerity nature of the dreamer or someone close to him. May cause failures in career and personal front. To solve the problem, you need to discover a lot of effort.

The look of a fountain

Aesthetically attractive. A dream where the fountain such that water from it is not terrible, means that soon there will be events that changed lives for the better. Especially bright they will be, if it cascades sparkle in different colors and shimmer. There is a chance of substantial monetary gain.

The frozen fountain. The dream hints that you should take a break from the chores, to relax or to bide time before the decisive offensive. You can achieve excellent results, but at the moment ideas and plans for the conduct of the competitions you don’t have enough.

Fountain with fish. Coming up small trouble or a quarrel provoked by clashes between relatives and friends. You will be able to quickly bring the situation under control, if you show attention and care.

To dream of a water fountain is always interesting. Be sure to specify the state of the fountain. Better it is, the more successes ahead of you. Even if you saw something untoward, you shouldn’t give up. If you exercise the determination and perseverance to quickly achieve results by defeating enemies.

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