What dreams former home?

The home is protection of the family hearth, island of prosperity in a stormy sea of life. The subconscious often gives you clues in night dreams. Be careful to notice the signs of destiny.

Sleep former home

To see the former home in a dream


A dream in which saw former home, means the need to establish order in the Affairs. Maybe you are too hasty, oblivious to future problems? To stop and to think about the future.

To get lost and not find their way to their homes – the loss of confidence of loved ones. To sell the ancestral estate is threatened by losses. Think about his recent actions there were no major mistakes?


Mess in the house childhood in a dream promises a long work on yourself. Perhaps you are mired in family squabbles. If I did the cleaning – all the failures will soon pass away, life will improve. Nice furniture, clean Windows, food on the table for the big family celebration.

You can interpret what a dream former home. Sometimes it means to be a long road. But seeing many on your way, you will go back to its roots.


Burned in a dream an old house – a symbol of radical changes in the destiny. Terminates unwanted connections out of your life leaving random people. It will be better if you reconsider your priorities and find a new path.

To restore housing before meeting with a longtime love. Get back lost feelings, life will sparkle with new colors. Had the former home richer than they were? So you let go of problems from childhood. More, they will not interfere with your happiness.


To dream of a former house with a tree growing inside – to a long life. You have strong ancestral roots, the power of the ancestors gives success and health. If dreamed that the walls made of sand – will soon receive the sad news. Call native: probably, they need help.

You’re standing in a dream among the bare walls? It is a symbol of starting a new business associated with big trouble. The former home of many people – meeting up with old friends. Closeout kitchenware from the former house promises a reality a large purchase, financial good luck.


To see yourself leave the parental hearth to receive important information. Leaky roof dilapidated housing warns about the failure of a major transaction. Perhaps business partners intentionally mislead you.

Dream about the troubles in the former home tells about the replenishment of the family. Wash and sweep the floor – unexpected visit of guests. To see the repair with the participation of relatives means that your problems will remain unresolved.

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