What dream forest

A dream about the forest always need to be interpreted in context, taking into account the details of the vision, actions and feelings of the dreamer. Overgrown, impassable thicket may symbolize the living dead-end, bad luck or loss. On the other hand, a nice looking forest landscape with birds singing and sun light, which penetrates the crown of the trees, a dream to success and profit.

Dream forest

What dream forest?

Looked like the forest in the dream?

A dark history associated with the unknown and unresolved problems. Light coloured wood when it is rare, heralds a breakthrough in the business, clarity of vision goals. Dense – care or receiving money. Deciduous forest dream to life surrounded by scandalous people, pine – promotion, the prize or bonuses. To see Bohr in a dream means in the near future to have survived the fire or a number of small troubles.

Magical forest promises the fulfillment of a longtime dream. Since trees are a symbol of vitality, pay attention to their crown. If in the dream the leaves were young and green, expect success in all undertakings, the tidal forces. Dead, dried-up forest, a sign of devastation, a harbinger of disease and prolonged depression. Fallen leaves dream to disappointment, anxiety, monetary loss, fast adverse effects.

What dreams of gold the autumn forest? The dream hints that it’s time to take stock. The interpretation of the visions, related with the winter, depends largely on the experiences of the dreamer. If the sight of a winter forest, he felt bitterness, in reality, he was waiting for hard times. If it was a feeling of joy, waking the dreamer will find spiritual harmony.

What were you doing in the woods?

According to the dream book Tsvetkov, walks in the woods for women mean love for men – romantic meeting. If you dream you admire the natural beauty, in this life, you will find recognition and fame. Getting lost in the woods – for disagreements in the family, failures in the service, financial hardship. Picking up mushrooms or berries promises a dreamer love story.

If in the dream you cut down trees, in fact you defeat the enemies. The poor this dream also portends wealth, the rich man – a fashion harm. What dreams of the forest through which you Wade? To overcome challenging obstacles. Running through the woods – a reflection of the fears that you are experiencing to the outside world. To cope with fear will allow you intuition and faith in their own strength.

The details of the dream about the forest

If in the dream the forest was far away, wait for the intense cold of winter. Spruce and aspen having a bad, gloomy thoughts, birch – to good mood, pines – up to the sublime impulses. A dream in which you go on forest clearing, means that soon you will be engaged in pleasurable activities. However, something special in this field you will not succeed. The noise of the forest symbolizes a fight.

Forest fire dream of the fateful event, after which your life will change for the better. If the trees are shrouded in smoke, in reality you suffer from prejudices and illusions. To stay your consciousness in a captivity of errors you can specify and forest fog. Ambiguously interpreted dream house in the woods. If the structure looks soundly, but around it grow tall trees, so you are surrounded by true friends. Old house in the middle of nowhere – a sign that it’s time for you to relax, take care of health.

The source of clean water and a smooth surface was found in the deep thicket of dream to success and creative inspiration. Saw it as a fish? Wait for the news or the fulfillment of desires. The appearance in dreams of wild animals warns about the impending fight with a close person through his unpleasant behavior. If you were running away from a forest animal, be prepared to hear unpleasant words in his address.

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