Playing football in the dream – interpretation

It turns out that playing soccer not only in reality but also in dreams. In the latter case, you need to pay attention to the interpretation of the dream about football. Typically, this dream suggests that the person needs a little to change its tactics and behavior.

Dream Interpretation Freud

dream football

Sleep football — what a dream ball game

If you had a dream to run after a soccer ball, think about your attitude towards others. You don’t even notice that manipulating other people. Your behavior seems too challenging, and it should be corrected immediately. If you dream you are looking at a team that played football, then you should not listen to the words of others. You have your opinion, your Outlook on life. The opinion of others is a relative concept: how you feel right, and do it.

Autumn dream interpretation

To play football in a dream – to quarrel. The misunderstanding happens in the fictional information and unverified rumors.

Summer dream

This dream means that you need to endure undeserved insult.

The newest dream book

Football in a dream means that in reality much ADO about nothing. People of flies will do the elephant.

A modern dream book

Watch players or to play football means that such person will not be able to do good work begun, which is tasked under its responsibility.

Dream Interpretation Longo

A dream in which you saw the game in football and enthusiastically took part in it, warns you that you will make uncharacteristic of you act. It is your responsibility to inform their friends and family so that they have not lost the gift of speech.

To be an observer of the game to a temporary deterioration of health. You will have to throw a favorite thing and pay attention to their health. The best time to prevent serious diseases. If in the dream you were watching a live match in the near future you will hear exciting news about the behavior of your friends. Beware: this information may be incorrect, and you will worry in vain.

Dream Interpretation Morozova

Watch players in football will be in very good company. As an option – success is in the financial position. To watch a football match – the warning that you tend to become dependent on some man. Be careful.

Gypsy dream book

Sleep «game ball football» – a signal that you need to stand firmly on his feet and not succumb to the enemy. In the near future you will have to endure much, but never give up.

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