What dream mist

In many dream books, the fog is interpreted as an unfavorable sign. Usually it heralds a complicated case, which will bring you only losses and troubles. I think you do not come true, because this is prevented by more powerful forces.

what dream mist

What dream mist

The source of the mist

If misty cloud rises from the ground, you will feel inexplicable anxiety. In the near future, you can transfer a short illness.

When the mist falls to the ground, the future event will cause you pain and cause a sense of bitterness. Perhaps you will feel a sense of boredom and fatigue from everyday life. Beware to be involved in a dubious position.

Getting lost in the fog

You are confused and can’t find the correct way out of the situation. Don’t rush into a decision: ill-considered actions will lead to disastrous consequences, and the achievement would be questionable.

To see someone or something in the fog

Are you trying to build your happiness at the expense of other people’s failures and problems.

Your idea about the environment is wrong. Is better to shop around, perhaps one of them has planned evil against you. Care will help to neutralize the actions of the abuser.

If you are afraid of creatures that dwell in the fog, the fear of a person in real life. You avoid meeting with him, as in the past suffered greatly from his actions. Maybe it’s time to meet your fear face to face.

If you are attacked by a beast or a monster, you should be careful in reality to avoid trouble.

What dreams fog enveloped the house? You have strong doubts regarding relationships and personal life.

Go through the fog

Soon you will gain new friends. Before trusting your secrets, try to know them.

If you are wading through a thick fog, you’re in for a terrible misfortune. This dream can predict a serious illness, accident or even death.

Out of the fog

Life situation will require a large investment of time and energy, but will ultimately bring some benefit.

The mist over the water

A good sign, it predicts happiness, well-being and good health. The impact of sleep does not only apply to sleeping, but to his loved ones.

The fog dissipates

Detractors will try to get you in trouble and tarnish your name, but you will be able to adequately get out of the situation.

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