What a dream to fly

Flights in dreams can be both pleasant and unpleasant. What a dream to fly in a dream?

Flying in a dream

To fly in a dream: what dream?

Universal Dream

Dreamt to fly without tools, in the spiritual sense, you went to a new level. These changes will lead to life change. But you need to be prepared for some difficulties.

If you had wings, granting flight, the person seeing such a dream, gained inner freedom, took definitely the right decision.

Fly with balloon, aircraft, etc. – should pay attention to the direction and content of the dream means flight. When there is some internal obstacles, the dream that impossible to take off – analyze your life to get rid of them.

Flight into the abyss fall, you give up something, go on about their weaknesses. The stability of flight in a straight line.

Esoteric dream book

According to the dream, fly in the dream without other devices your skills you apply correctly.

Flying on the wings or propeller dream to purchase equipment: boat, TV, car and so on.

You are flying on a magic carpet ride, and maybe on the bird? Get ready, have a long journey.

Oriental dream book

Flying in a dream – what dream? Planning in the vast and cloudless sky – dreams come true.

The fall in take flight, literally. Will be able to Wake up in the process of falling will overcome the problems.

Disappointment awaits you if you fly on wings black.

The human flight in the age of 20 years mean his physical growth. In the senior – and the growth of the spiritual, the mental.

Dream Book Of Veles

According to the book of dreams fly in dreams to success in Affairs. A good night’s sleep. It promises wealth, joy, the recovery of the sick, the harvest.

To fly high to changes or errors. To fly in a dream: the low – road.

Fly up to luck and joy. Fly down – the risk of failure. Fly very far? This is a harbinger of love or long waits.

Dream Of The Wanderer (Terence Smirnova)

Flying alone through the air – waiting to happen or achieve in your personal or professional life, in creation, in the spiritual world.

Flying too high – pay attention to your claims and ambitions. They may be unfounded. Not excluded the collapse of some plans.

If you are addicted to demonic doctrines, may be a dream flight on an animal or on a broomstick. This indicates a loss of soul. Could be the beginning of spiritual temptation.

Fly on the bed – there could be some unexpected and original twist. Flight takes place in heaven – the dream reports of self-knowledge, in a spiritual revelation. But there are difficult events like illness and death.

Why do you dream of flying very often. This means progress in spiritual practice.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Very high flying in the clouds – to have a penchant for fantasy, disregard for reality.

The flight ended in the fall – will have to accept defeat. Increase efforts for the next flight.

Your spiritual strength awaken if you had to fly under the ceiling.

Made at the behest of his heart, ignoring the advice of others if in a dream flying low over the ground.

Evidence of the increase of sexuality and rise of vitality is flying outside of the room.

Dream interpretation flying dream balloon according to the dream is a warning not to lose the one who provides you with increased attention. Are on the right path if you fly in a plane.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

Saw in flight the sun? Do not be afraid, you worried in vain. All will be well.

Think of it as a warning if you are flying over dirty water. Be sure to pay as much attention as possible, don’t let others use you.

Your dreams will come true, if you often see fly on the white wings over the green thickets.

Dreamed that you were shot in flight? Be prepared that on your way to prosperity and well-being will be obstacles created by the enemies.

Doing flights between cities, and why down on the Church dome? For your principles and attitudes will have to fight. What dreams that fly over the ruins? It’s a sign of a failure connected with others, or boredom.

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