What does it mean to dream of flowers

Flowers in dream is a sign of spiritual experiences. Your emotions are in the stage of the rise or decline. A detailed interpretation can be found in one of the most famous dream books. Which means in a dream to buy flowers?

What dream flowers

What dream flowers

Alphabet of dreams

Dried plants – a sign that the feelings are gone, everything is cold.

Broken flower means partings, quarrels and worries.

Oriental dream book

Blooming plants symbolize joy. All the contrary, if they are white it is a sign of imminent death.

Children’s dream book

The answer to the question, what have flowers, the multitude of cares and Affairs.

English dream interpretation

If in your dream was a beautiful inflorescences exude a wonderful fragrance, you are waiting for success and prosperity.

To gather a bouquet to harmonious relationships and a good marriage.

Wilted flower – the disease or the loss of a loved one.

If plants are around, but you cannot make a composition of them, your plans will not materialize.

Women’s dream book

According to this dream book, flowers, made a bouquet, is a good sign. Your life will be fun and easy, you will be able to choose from many fans.

Symbolic dream interpretation

Flowering plants predict any life events, the birth of a relationship. They promise romance, making friends, fun, or, conversely, disappointment, loss. It is a symbol that promises change and does not indicate their orientation.

Field of plants to the well-being. Room to luck or failures in family matters. Fading to sadness on the personal or professional front.

A modern dream book

To dream of beautiful flowers that filled the garden, – to rejoice, to make a profit.

White or dried predicting sadness, loss, frustration.

If a woman dreamed a dream that she was presented with a beautiful bouquet, waiting for her courting from the surrounding men.

If you’re dreaming of flowering plants in the desert or on a barren land, be prepared for life’s challenges and painful experience. You quickly defeat all obstacles through the power and perseverance.

Dream Interpretation Longo

According to dream interpretation, flowers have appeared in a dream always symbolizes the fun, the future get what you want.

When you see yourself in a summer meadow, you will have a brilliant future. A little sweetness await you everywhere. If you walk through the meadow and collect the bouquet, then you will not only enjoy themselves, but also to give happiness to others. How long will this prosperity, only you can decide.

To give the bouquet to the loved one – in the future to Express sympathy for him. To present such gift to a stranger – to find a soul mate.

To dream of flowers standing in a vase – good. You will find peace and relaxation, you will be able to pay more attention to loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

If you saw plants in bloom, in reality you are afraid to Express their emotions. If you are walking in a beautiful garden and breathe in the pleasant aromas, in reality, you will find a pleasant meeting with the «second half».

The answer to the question, what dream faded flowers, grief or illness. If you dreamed that the plants in your front garden trampled enemies you build intrigues. Be careful.

When you dream you are presented with a flower in a pot, you soon learn the news about the death of a loved one. If you are injured on the presented bouquet, get ready to learn about completely change.

Picking flowers in a dream – you will become deeper and wiser, begin to understand the world and understand their place in it. Put them to make wise and good deeds.

If you literally filled with flowers from fans in real life get ready for loneliness. Blame high requirements to the candidates for your hand and heart.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

Flowers appeared in the dream – a symbol of prosperity and satisfaction. Especially good to see white or red.

Tearing them to good news, to find a friend or associate.

Or faded artificial plants predict disaster, disease, bad news.

To make flowers – means to lie.

To smoke them eager to break with the past.

Family dream book

The answer to the question, what dream beautiful flowers, is obvious. This is a sign of prosperity and harmony. If the plants have withered, expect disappointment. White blossoms mean a future alone.

Slavic dream book

The colors come in our sleep to happiness, the attainment the desired. With the exception of two cases: if they field or dried. In these situations, be prepared for bad news and disappointment.

Dream bitches

See the flowering plants in dreams – to achieve the desired reality. Picking flowers in a dream – your work will be evaluated by the head.

Gypsy dream book

Beautiful flowers – a sign of hope on the love front.

Dream Interpretation Cheremenskiy

Flowers is a manifestation of our feelings, so they frequent our dreams. Are important and their color and shape. These options reflect our physical and mental well-being, flourishing or decline.

Buying flowers in dream is a common way. To interpret it uniquely difficult. Try to understand what are the plants for you, what images they evoke in your soul.

Erotic dream book

To see the colors in night dreams to be happy in real life. Especially good roses: they symbolize success in love Affairs or marriage is imminent. Maki, on the contrary, mean momentary pleasures for which you have to pay a bitter disappointment.

To buy or receive flowers as a gift in a dream – to find a soul mate. If plants are wilted in your hands, your hopes for happiness are unfounded.

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