Flower in the dream

What dreams the flower?

What a dream flower, dream interpretation

What a dream flower, dream interpretation

Dream Meridian

If in your dream there are many colors, you should not rejoice prematurely. It is a symbol of beauty and prosperity, but not in cases when you look at the flowers of the field, which means disappointment real, or artificial arms which speaks only of sorrow. Also a lot of flowers can be interpreted as the beginning of a romantic relationship or a successful continuation of the old.

Many colors that are full of colors and smells, to life’s joys.

In addition, if your dreams were flowers, it can talk about the imminent useful acquisition.

Idiomatic dream book

In this dream any flower associated with such events as mourning, celebration, meeting, appointment, funeral, love.

Women’s dream book

If the dreamer saw a fresh bloom in the garden flowers, it portends for him romantic meeting in real life or other pleasure related to acquisitions. Accordingly, dry or wilting flowers can only bring trouble and tell the person about the health problems. If you dream that you are engaged in horticulture and planted flowers from the flower beds, it characterizes you as in reality a wise man, capable of a noble and pure actions. One has only to remember that if you felt in the dream a white flower, it is a sign of sadness.

Some dreamers can see the zeal in sleep to bouquets. They break the flowers only in order to make yourself or someone nice. In reality this means that the person is ready to understand the world and to learn new science.

Those who dream of horses Corolla, expect a meeting with her beloved. Perhaps soon this dreamer will have a new family.

To dream of a flower with sharp thorns, which was given to you, but it hurts you hand, can symbolize betrayal or deep emotional experiences for a loved one.

If the girl in the dream, watching as she was presented a huge bouquet of various colors, the reality of it will have contact with a large number of fans. But if her fans are showered with all sorts of bouquets, it can promise a protracted loneliness in reality.

Small dream book of Veles

Various colors in the dream characterize different events in reality. In principle, the flower in the dream was good, for the girls to make new acquaintances or a quick wedding, possible pregnancy, however, this dream can talk about the intrigue, sorrow and even death. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to all kinds of stuff. For example, if the flower is on the windowsill, then that’s not good. To put in the dream flowers, to the trouble, but for those who decided to water them – much to the joy and happiness.

If the dreamer adorns her head with flowers, then soon he will walk on someone else’s wedding or other event. However, another interpretation of this dream is less attractive. Flowers in the head could mean to the dreamer beating in reality. You have to be careful.

In the dream, every flower means something. You should pay attention to the color of the resulting bouquet. For example, white flowers – for success, yellow for difficult, and red for a wedding or illness.

Many bouquets to the dreamer will bring sadness in real life. However, fresh flowers are to joy and success. Good news awaits everyone who makes up each flower to form a bouquet.

A dream of a flower in the dew, – unpleasant to the completion of scheduled business.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

A dream can be interpreted depending on the shape of flower petals. Definitely to dream of a bright flower is the beauty, the excitement of a new relationship, and also tenderness and love.

The Russian dream book

Flowers in dreams to warn of trouble and the field can mean the sad events happening. Artificial bouquets warn against unfortunate events.

Symbolic dream interpretation

In principle, the flowers anyway dreams symbolize some sort of vital the event for sleeping. It may be the holidays, and the beginning of a new romantic relationship, and separation for lovers. Also worth mentioning about the faded colors, which certainly does not promise anything good, and probably warn of possible trouble, and even death of relatives. Surveillance for sleeping with flowering bushes can talk about the prosperity of Affairs in reality. Flowers characterize relationships, home life. The flowers of the field point to the success of a person.

Gypsy dream book

In this dream book to smell a flower – to the sorrows and disorders, but to tear it – fortunately. White flowers characterize the innocence, sincerity and honesty. If the dreamer in a dream gathers wildflowers, it’s definitely a physical and spiritual weakness. Red flowers are considered to be messengers of illness and death, and the yellow speak about possible obstacles.

The dream interpretation of Medea

In the dream, each flower speaks about feelings, or about the beginning of a new relationship or about their final outcome. If the dreamer had accidentally broken the flower, it promises him a breakup, the sadness. Poppies in a dream point to the fact that you were under the influence and are mesmerized. Lilies of the valley can be characterized as the initial stage of the new that is born feeling. What dream of a flower like Narcissus, it should be immediately clear. He warns you of excessive selfishness. Chamomile in the dream can talk about small pleasures, and rose promises happiness in his personal life.

Icelandic dream book

This interpreter said that to tear, or just watch in a dream for the flowers to harm.

Slavic dream book

Wildflowers for the dreamer can talk about possible losses in fact, although in principle a dream in which there is a flower for sleeping promises happiness. Only withered flowers are apt to presage reality troubles.

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