What dreams flour?

Night visions, strange though they were, the harbingers of the future. According to the dream books flour, appeared in a dream, means family happiness, joy and prosperity, chores on the farm and achieve the desired hard work. The final interpretation of this symbol depends on the plot and details of the dream.

What dreams flour

What dreams flour

The Dream Miller

To dream of flour – to the humble but happy gitu.

Corn flour – to the execution of secret desires.

To sell bulk product to engage in a risky business.

Family dream book

Flour heralds the fulfillment of your longtime dream. If you dream you bake bread from it, think about it: you are creating obstacles for realization.

To sell the bakery product to be embroiled in a dubious enterprise.

Culinary dream book

A dream in which prepared from flour bakery, to comfort and family happiness.

A modern dream book

Flour in a dream – a modest, but harmonious and joyful life. Sell it – to high-risk transactions.

If a woman dreamed that she was in a loose product, it is waiting for a quiet family life: the husband will take care of the maintenance of the family hearth itself.

Dream Interpretation Dmitry Winters

Dreaming about the flour – to prosperity. You will be able to achieve financial prosperity through patience and hard work.

If in your night dreams you dirty in the bakery product, you have economic trouble.

Prepare delicious cakes from flour – all your work and efforts will be rewarded.

Lunar dream book

The answer to the question, what is dreaming of a flour depends on the current state of the person. Wealthy citizens, it portends good luck, poor health problems.

Dream lovers

Loose product in a dream promises fulfillment of your secret intimate desires. In some cases, it predicts a calm and happy family life.

If a woman saw herself sprinkled with flour, the main questions in the house will solve it. A man will trust her to manage the economy.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If night dreams you bake bread, your desires will be fulfilled soon. If you spilled some product, get ready for a pleasant bustle.

Choose from flour beetles to poverty.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Flour in night dreams is a sign of a rich harvest or financial stability.

If you dream of a bag filled with bulk product, you will find a decent income. If the container is full of flour, you will find new sources of income.

To buy the product and financial improvement. Grind wheat grain into flour – a restless life.

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