To dream of floor: dream interpretation

Sometimes our dreams resemble psychological thrillers. Sometimes in dreams we wander a maze can not get out of the entrance or exit of the Elevator at a certain floor. Such dreams have their own specifics and interpretations. Consider what is meant by floor in the night visions.

Sleep over

Floor in dreams: interpretation of dreams

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If you have dreams of floor, and a figure that testifies to his room, such a vision explains your ignorance of current Affairs or confusion.

A modern dream book

If you are unable to get home because he forgot what floor it is necessary to rise, perhaps surrounding bored you with some vanity, which has no value. To be in night vision inside the Elevator cabin and not be able to go to a particular floor suggests that in your environment there are people who treated you poorly. Suffering from this, you will try to understand with current Affairs, to bring all to an ordered state.

If the Windows are all spread out in front of you at the bottom, you see the yard from a height, but remember that actually live on the 1st floor, this night vision predicts bright prospects, financial prosperity and career growth. Floor to dream of, not examining his numbers, it means that someone from the environment is trying to deceive or mislead, causing you to delay making serious decisions.

Numerological dream book

To be in a dream on the ground floor, the fear to break any rules or laws. Because of this, you can’t break the vicious circle of problems, to look at the world and find the right solution.

To be on the first floor and look for the stairs, but did not find them means that in matters of promotion you need to wait for support from the leadership. Assistance from the administration will allow to settle the case and give the opportunity to work on new creative projects. When you first see the floor in my sleep, but I understand that you don’t want to go higher, then one day you’ll notice something missing. This fact seriously disappoint you.

To jump from the window of the first floor? Soon others will criticize your behavior. Successfully land and go away – in fact, this criticism can’t hurt, and you will be able to survive and win any discussion. If jumping in a dream with the floor, you fall and can’t get up, come disappointment and problems in the field of career and family.

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