To dream of a drowned man

To see the drowned man in real life – the sight unattractive. I wonder what dreams about drowning in the water often have a favorable interpretation and portend a successful resolution of the accumulated problems. In rare cases, this could mean some kind of loss or change for the worse.

Drowned in sleep, what dreams?

Drowned in sleep, what dreams?

Dream Meridian

To see some dead in the water – a good sign. Soon you will be rid of the problem. If you dream you saw a woman drowning in the water, in your personal life to happen positive changes.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Often seen in the dream floater is a harbinger of impending danger or trouble. If you dream you watched the pool floats the body of a drowned man, you will have an unforgettable trip. During travel and leisure you will meet a man who will become your true love.

To dream of a drowned child rather unpleasant. This dream suggests that you are very sorry about the destruction of hope. You’re trying, but you have nothing. Do not lose your presence of mind: the one who aggressively seek their own, will be rewarded.

If in the dream you saved the drowned, you know that it all depends on you. The success of your business is determined by your firmness, persistence and perseverance. Now is not the time to give yourself a rest or to doubt something. Go ahead, act confident, and success will not keep itself waiting long.

If you dream of the drowned man suddenly began to breathe, you really miss about the past. In the innermost recesses of the soul a glimmer of hope that someday the past will become real.

If the dead man floated to the surface of the water, you have a difficult test. You will have to learn important secrets that will shake you to the core.

Spring dream interpretation

If you had to dream of the drowned man, be ready to meet a man dismissed from the service. You have to listen to his complaints and sympathize with him.

Dream Interpretation Caratula

If you see a person, dead in the water, which unsuccessfully doing CPR, wait for a large number of small troubles in daily life. If you had a bad dream, that you are drowned in the river or in the sea, be prepared to lose someone or something.


Drowned in a dream – to make radical changes in life. If you dream you are plunged into the water, unable to swim and drowned, then you too are a responsible person who is afraid to defer a trusted business with you. If you dream you are recognized in the drowning of his friend or comrade, be ready to receive unexpected news.

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