What does a dream in which you see the flies?

A fly is an insect annoying and unpleasant. Waking to see her very few people want. Coming to you in a dream, she also often portend minor troubles. However, some dream books interpret the appearance of the flies in dreams in a positive way. So, what have flies?

what dream flies

What dream flies

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

You had a fly, so, in life you are trying to get out of the predicament. If the insect of enormous size – you should think about the possibilities: it is possible that you took an impossible case.

In the dream you are haunted by the annoying hum of pesky flies? Therefore, in the real world you are surrounded by false, hypocritical people, don’t trust. Be vigilant! Otherwise you may become a victim of someone’s intrigues.

To kill flies in a dream – a sign warning about possible deception by a loved one.

Old Russian dream book

Who saw the flies in a dream, so threatened grievances and unjust oppressions.

Spring dream interpretation

Had the fly – in reality wait for the appearance of dull and boring companion. Maybe this is your future neighbor or a colleague at work.

Dream Interpretation Longo

To dream of flies, means that your friend recognizes one of your actions stupid. Will have to show diplomatic skills and eloquence to convince him otherwise.

Catching flies – warning: the method you are trying to use to exit a situation to be unsuccessful.

Women’s dream book

The emergence of a buzzing insect in sleep can be a sign of approaching disease. The illness will be of a contagious nature. Beware of bacteria and infections, wash your hands often, follow the hygiene of children. It is possible that this dream also speaks about the intrigues of enemies.

A young woman kills a fly – soon she will find the solution to complicated personal problems.

The Russian dream book

Flies in a dream portend the scandals and quarrels in reality. But if a man had only one insect – a high probability of obtaining them in the near future a good gift.

Autumn dream interpretation

He saw in a dream a fly will soon find annoying chatty neighbor.

Icelandic dream book

A large number of harmful insects for the bad news.

The Dream Miller

I see a lot of flies in a dream – get ready to defend themselves from enemies. Especially careful should be young women.

In General, the fly represents a sloppiness that reflects the attitude of the dreamer to some problems, the rejection of them, so it pays to re-evaluate and perhaps to change something in life.

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