Repair in a dream

Repair we are always refreshed by their homes. But what predicts fixation in a dream? Is the answer different interpreters.

To dream of repair

To dream of repair

A modern dream book

To the predicament and the incredible waste of resources – that’s what dreams repair.

When in a dream you spend a lot of time to start repairs, in reality this may symbolize that your desires are not met, and you will be different naive behavior in many cases.

When a young girl with his hands the repairs in the house – so she and her man will receive a great helper, which always and everywhere will support him.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Seen repair symbolizes love.

When in the dream you beheld the fixation mechanism or technique, you really wish to enter into an intimate relationship.

About an inferiority complex to speak to repair the dream of a working device.

Women’s dream book

You saw beyond repair dirty clothes – in reality you are unlikely to get justice. At least for now, until the very right moment.

Repaired clean clothes? Your income will increase significantly.

When a young girl performs repairs around the house, in fact, married, she will be a wonderful helpmate to her husband.

When happened to witness in a dream to repair, during which you poured the plaster, near to the troubles and loss.

The walls were well plastered in a dream – so in reality you will find only a success, but he is unlikely to be durable.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

In the dream housing renovation means the emergence of family problems, a bad period in the conduct of Affairs, healing from any ailment, a trip to Spa facilities.

To dream of repair, billiard club really means to invest their savings in good.

The Dream Miller

Seen in a dream, how was restored dirty garments? It is a commemoration that in the moment to correct an injustice is not necessary, because the situation is not quite right. And when the garment has a clean look, expect success in good deeds and multiply your savings.

When the young girl saw in a dream as she carried out repair works, – in real life it will always be to provide all possible assistance to her husband in different cases.

Dreamt about you falling plaster? It is a harbinger of trouble or grief.

When the walls in the dream were smooth and well plastered, so in reality you’ll find success, which, however, will not be long.

Esoteric dream book

Performed in a dream renovations – expect trouble with registration of any documentation.

Saw that the repairs carried out by someone else, will be able in reality to shift their troublesome cases to another person. And all Affairs will go successfully and seamlessly.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Saw was a repair in the premises or repaired house? So you should expect hard work on their mistakes in terms of family relationships and the ability to quickly lick their wounds emotionally.

If the repair of the building was foreign, most likely, you are looking for an opportunity to restore the relationships that were outside of your family.

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