That means fishing in the dream?

Dream fishing – how to interpret this dream? The answer lies in the authoritative dreams.

what dreams fishing

What dreams fishing

Dream Interpretation Of Filomena

This fishing dream foretells luck in a small household issues. Find long lost thing will return an old debt, you will have a broken appliance – some small thing that you suddenly happy.

To fish alone – will soon have to make a major purchase. If you dream you watched as other fish, for luck. If you plan something, don’t be afraid to try to bring their idea to life, it will be successful.

What a dream fishing man? The dream suggests that he is not sincere. If the person was really trying to fool anyone, he should think twice. A relationship with a person will remain hopelessly corrupt, and the most benefits from your deception to fail. In addition, hurt the reputation. If deception is associated with career, business, better to give him. The first, ill-gotten gains, could provoke rivals into something unexpected. If you’re planning a financial fraud, it is realistic to encounter problems with the law.

For girls dream about fishing is considered extremely favorable, he promises her impending wedding. If the girl is not sure whether she should marry your companion, this dream should be considered as a positive response – you need to be married, otherwise there is a risk to permanently destroy the relationship.

Fishing in a dream saw a married woman – her marriage is happy and long. If Mature woman dream that she catches a fish – a dream tells about her quest to improve my life through connection with wealthy man. It is important to her sense to the selected object was sincere, otherwise it will feel fake.

Had fishing, but you catch the fish, not the rod, and hands, – in reality you will have detractors, but if you caught a large fish, you will find the success that started the project will be completed successfully. Man catches fish with his hands – in reality he can’t hold negative emotions, a married woman catches fish with his hands – pregnancy, young unmarried girl catches fish – in reality want and are ready to have children.

Of great importance for the interpretation of the dream was water fishing clean or muddy. Clear water – to the harmony in a love relationship, happiness, you are not mistaken in the choice of the partner. Muddy water – the cheating, the betrayal, your husband wants to marry another or your woman plans to end the relationship.

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