Fish in a dream

Dream Meridian

What dreams of fish? Interpretations are many. Since ancient times, fish, dream woman was a symbol of the imminent pregnancy. But if fish saw a woman who already is carrying a baby? This is a good sign, promises healthy offspring and a lot of kids. Dead fish in a dream – a bad sign, foretells the miscarriage or missed abortion. Prividevshayasya frozen fish suggests that you have neglected the important things. It’s time to remember them and to bring to an end. It is a symbol of sickness that will be long and difficult, you may not be able to recover until his death. Smoked fish dream to the appearance of enemies who conspire awake and trying to cloud your mind and confuse you. This is a warning – you are on the verge of committing a big mistake, which would bitterly regret. Better in the near future to make important decisions. Live fish in a dream – to unexpected surprise. Rare marine fish to the excitement. Fish dried to a fun pastime. To clean a fish in a dream – to the dismay of you. Something goes wrong, you make a mistake or will behave in a way that strongly gear their loved ones. To dream aquarium fish – a good sign. For business, this dream indicates a successful operation, for girls – a quick engagement. If all fish are the same, there is a happy marriage and many children.

What a dream fish

What a dream fish

Idiomatic dream book

What dreams of fish the woman? To the imminent completion of the family, fertility.

Prividevshayasya big fish to meet a considerable and influential man.

Hold the fish by the gills will be someone in command, to compel the action.

Spring dream interpretation

Dreaming of fish – why? Prividevshayasya live fish for change in your life for the better.

Winter dreams

To see fish in a dream – to anxiety for their children.

Dream admirers Velez

Prividevshayasya in a dream live fish – a merciful sign, you will find large monetary success, or will soon have a healthy daughter. To fish in the muddy water – to disease. To catch small fish – to the disappointment, much to the big money. Served to the table fresh fish – the news. Dead fish in a dream – to tragic events, pain, death.

Dream interpretation of the ancient Slavs

Watch in a dream, like a fish splashing in the water, soon you’ll be in serious and important concerns, but they will bring you luck and friends, you will be praised and will be respected. Dream fish on the rod means, things will go well, if not talk about them at every corner, beware of the evil eye.

Gypsy dream book

Dream fish on the rod – why? To obtain money in an honest way. Dead and pop up fish – a good sign, your hopes, and all undertakings will fail. Sleep eating raw fish – waste of time. To feed fish is to triumph over your enemies, they will fear and respect.

Women’s dream book

What dreams of fish the woman? In healthy children, numerous descendants.

Dream interpretation of Aesop

Encountered in the dream way of life cannot be interpreted unambiguously. Watch splashing in the water a fish – means to observe important events, but not to be their party. They will not cause you neither harm nor profit, but will give invaluable experience.

What dream of big fish? If she swallowed the smaller – the dream portends failure, joyless hassle. Perhaps the superiors will call you on the carpet.

The failure of the fishing promises and failures in reality.

Fried fish in a dream – your problem is finally successfully resolved.

Line-caught fish dream to build plans in reality. If the fish were released in the dream means that they will not come true, it is better to focus on some other event.

Erotic dream book

What dream of big fish? Prividevshayasya fish in clean water promises a new novel, which will be very happy, and the partner will be the embodiment of your life-long dream. Dead fish dream to failure in sexual terms. Or you fail, or are unhappy with a partner.

Dreaming of fish – why? Dream fishing – to a profitable marriage. But it will not bring pleasure during intimacy with a partner. You will be fully immersed in their business and care about the satisfaction will forget for a long time.

Fried fish in a dream – you are selfish in sexual relations and did not care about getting pleasure your partner.

Wrong fish – directs you to a subconscious fear to suffer in bed fiasco.

Ukrainian dream book

Fish woman what dream? Before pregnancy and easy delivery. Men to the institution relationship on the side, of adultery. To see dead fish to disease, which will greatly undermine your vitality. Fish – profit, triumph over enemies, to clean it up to a fun time.

Psychological dream dictionary

Swimming against the tide big fish dreams to your emergency room trying to go against the establishment to prove their personal qualities to be proud of «me».

To give the fish a desire to share with others your deepest thoughts, pain. Perhaps a desire sexual intimacy with someone.

Fried fish in a dream – you burn» at work. All the mental strength you give cases, and to draw energy out of nowhere. This is a warning, pay attention to friends and family.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you appearing a lot of fish for profit. Came in a dream a dead fish to bitter failure, in tears.

Fried fish – to the unexpected news.

Dream fish is a woman – what? Small size fish to unhappiness, joyless chores that are annoying to the day. A huge fish in a dream – to unprecedented success, a bargain.

If a woman had a tench or carp – she’s having a boy.

Prividevshayasya tadpoles promise a relationship with a rich but unkind man.

What dreams dried fish? Stagnation in business. You will scurry back and forth, hustling, trying to decide something, but the thing from a dead point will not move.

Prividevshayasya fry in the aquarium – a pleasant pastime with children.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

Prividevshayasya in the dream a huge fish – a symbol of a long marriage, which will bring many children. To eat fish is to obtain new knowledge.

Dried fish – what dream? By his inaction, perhaps the loss of power for some time because of illness.

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