What a dream to fish?

Your sleep was marked by a large catch, or dreamed that the fish off the hook? Maybe the dream had nothing to do with fishing, but it clearly appeared the fish? Our dreams will help you analyze the meaning of fish in dreams and what a dream to fish.

What a dream to fish in your sleep?

What a dream to fish in your sleep?

Dream Meridian

So you had fish. At all times, to dream this way for women foreshadowed impending pregnancy, but if you are already in an interesting position and you had fish, then wait for the good resolution of the burden. But if expecting a child dream of dead fish, you should keep your health, as this image foretells the miscarriage.

Fresh fish signifies pleasant surprises, dried promises you a cheerful holiday, smoke the fish in a dream – unfortunately, your wellbeing falters caused by any errors made by you. If you eat smoked fish in a dream, beware of enemies, they are meanness towards you. Through the image of frozen fish your subconscious hinting that it’s time to deal with things all the time leave finally. And yet this dream may symbolize a disease that will become chronic, or the inhibition of any of your Affairs, especially love Affairs.

Saw only the fish’s head is a good sign, especially for romantic relationships, but he also promises and establishing business relations. If you had an aquarium with fish, for the non-family girls it means to offer weddings, and for the people of the business sector – a good deal. And if these fish jumping out of its containers, then this is a hint for a change of scenery.

Russian folk dream interpretation

Splashing in the water, the fish foretells you a very troublesome thing, to catch the big fish in the dream – luck will accompany you, if you just look at the fish tank is a sign that it is better to stick to third party position and not to intervene in a case.

English dream interpretation

To fish in a dream – not a good sign, symbolizing a lot of trouble waiting for you. Or maybe you just want someone to «catch» for their own purposes.

If you dream of a lot of ready fish you eat with appetite, it means that you believe in yourself and luck will accompany you.

If you had a dream in which I had to catch fish with his hands, but it slips out of your hands is a commemoration of the loss of someone close.

Women’s dream book

Fish dreams in a happy loving relationship.

The newest dream book

What a dream to fish the woman from this source? Again, before pregnancy. And if dreaming about a man, it promises to him in the viewing direction of the thoughts. In General, the fish symbolizes the coming of the time when you need to go for their goals, but only if there is a possibility for its implementation. If you’re in a dream are engaged in drying fish, take care of your health if you eat dried fish – melancholy.

Oriental dream book

To catch a fish in a dream for a woman indicates motherhood, and if the fish with the hook broke – trying to conceive will be unsuccessful.

Icelandic dream book

See the fish in the sea – to poverty, but if seen the fish was huge or it was a large marine animal such as a cat, then you will profit.

Italian dream

During sleep eat fish – in life you will increase your credibility. Rotting fish – the way of the subconscious mind, through which comes out is your attitude to the opposite sex. Sick or dead fish (or Pisces) – your immune system is deteriorating, keep an eye on their health. To fish in a dream a man means being willing to relax, to pass on to someone else of their problems.

Mythological dream book

Saw in a dream a fish far – expect travel to distant lands, if the fish you have swallowed – you will find something unusual and success.

Family dream book

Dream fishing net – a nice acquisition, but if the network is torn, it promises you a disappointment in life. Watch as someone catches a fish will be able to take advantage of favorable circumstances in their favor. Vitality to overcome problems – that is a dream to catch a fish.

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