Dream interpretation: dream wood

Firewood in a dream – a symbol of the troubles and worries, family troubles, death. But important all the details of what he saw.

What dream firewood in the dream?

What dream firewood in the dream?

Dream Book Of Veles

Burn to the loss. In the hearth the firewood dream to quarrels in the family. The wood oven – wait for the frost.

Firewood scattered – so there will be a common dislike. Wear wood? Good sleep – good and money.

Brought to the court of firewood – then die a woman. Chopping wood in a dream – to overcome the enemy.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Cut the wood to be dishonest, deceitful man.

Had the wood gathered in his arms? Someone tries to pull you into a shady deal.

If you dream that the knock Board – financial situation will improve. If the Board is sanded or cut will soon be a wedding.

Had an lumberjack? Who from your family would help, and at a loss.

Avoid loss or serious danger if crossed the Creek on the boards as the bridge.

Often firewood dream to sadness and tears.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Dream wood interpreted as a harbinger of family troubles or damaged case.

If the firewood stacked in a neat pile, the result will be successful.

Oriental dream book

In the dream, I had to sell firewood? If you can stand in the forthcoming grueling fight, then success will surely come.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Hear any gossip about yourself, if you dream that bought firewood.

Which means, if you dream that are engaged in forest harvesting of wood? Have to fight, she will bring you victory and success.

Spring dream interpretation

Burn wood to get rid of enemies. Had a dream that sawing wood is waiting for suffering.

A dream in which are of wood, very sad. Someone is going to die.

Summer dream

To dream of wood, folded stack, what is it? This dream is a confirmation of the order in cases since the person you neat and organized.

Autumn dream interpretation

Burn wood in the fire or in the oven? The reality is that the process of liberation from something superfluous and unnecessary.

Wood sawing, hence, you for some sins will be «cut».

Have a very hard job in the house, if you dream that brought wood and piled in the yard a bunch.

Family dream book

If you had a large piece of wood, you can be happy. Your expectations will come true. What is the occasion.

Saw in a dream kindling wood – for superiority over enemies.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

Fate again will bring you with former colleagues or classmates, if you dream you had to handle the wood chips for kindling.

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