What does a dream in which you see the fire?

For centuries fire was a friend, without which it was impossible to cook food, enemies, withering the whole city. But what do the flames in the dream? This can have both positive and negative explanation.

What dreams fire

What dreams fire

Small dream book of Veles

Big fire dream to trouble, and small mostly good. If the flame burns bright, the house will always be good money, but if that’s out, the family of the accident. When a pregnant woman dreams that she easily lit the fire, waiting for her calm childbirth without complications.

Russian folk dream interpretation

To play with fire not worth it, because it is dangerous to life. But to extinguish him in his sleep trying to stop some sort of quarrel or conflict in reality. On the contrary, to build a fire to the point that you are the person through whom there was a conflict situation.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

The people of the fire have long been treated with caution, because they were afraid of fires. A burning house may be a dream to Rob or family scandal. To be enveloped in flames in a dream – to offer to enter into a dishonest transaction, does not promise a specific benefit. The image of fire also occurs if you have recently had a meeting with a troubled and angry man.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The fire on the surface of the river dream to success and longevity. If he leaves the land, you have to think about their health. Bright flashes of heavenly flame in a dream may indicate impending change of management. Wisps grese, when a long conversation in the society of strangers.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Fire or fire in a dream can mean a human impulse, every desire and even passion. When someone dreams that he cuts wood and kindle the fires, it is treated as the appearance of close emotional ties in the family. The extinguishing of the flame means the gradual emotional solace.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Most often fire in a dream may be present if you are waiting for another meeting and falling in love. In this case, the feeling will become mutual. It may even be the striking similarity of interests and tastes, and during intimacy with a partner will feel the full harmony.

Erotic dream book

Some people dream that they are warm hands around the campfire. In reality this will lead to a love experience with a successful ending. To dream of fire and to feel a strong heat that comes from it – to absorb the new wave of passionate feelings that will not end well.

Esoteric dream book

Flashing lights before the eyes having to truly spend time in reality. It can be any interesting event, such as going to cinema or theatre. What dreams fire? The flames can be warned against excessive emotion and unnecessary attachments.

Ukrainian dream book

It is believed that fire is a bad sign in a dream. Often he may dreamed to quarrel. If a giant flame, then a conflict situation will arise with neighbors, and a small fire is usually a dream to unexpected discord in the family.

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