What having a house fire?

Fire – a terrible thing. Initial uncontrolled power of fire causes a horror. Which means the fire that appears in dreams?

What dreams fire

What dreams fire

Imperial dream book

According to him, the fire in my dreams always says that the person is too much effort spent on combating hazards that actually are not as extensive. This testimony of self-destruction, obsession with one thing.

Veles dream book

Fire can have very many meanings. It plays a decisive role whether and under what circumstances it occurs, what it looks like. It is also important the attitude of the sleeper.

Why you may dream of a fire in the house? Wait for very good news, they will not be slow to appear.

Burning city – to the severe and prolonged illness.

What a dream to extinguish the fire? If you do, it will soon happen something bad. You can lose your job or, on the contrary, will have to work beyond measure. High probability of meeting with thieves.

If the fire extinguishes by someone else – everything will be fine, you protected and is a favorite of fate.

The Russian dream book

Wildfire tells about the rapid loss.

Burning house – you have real friends.

Burning wood for luck and prosperity.

Family dream book

Large-scale fire promises a happy change not only in personal life but also in work.

A modern dream book

If you yourself is the culprit of the fire, one should not expend energy on a fight that was not destined to win. Should wait for a while and prepare for battle.

What having a house fire? You will turn for the better, all the troubles will disappear without active intervention.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you are observing a fire in a dream, it is a good sign. But when you are surrounded by a crowd of onlookers – wait for gossip and slander.

What dreams fire? Waiting for you suddenly descended on the head of happiness. If the fire is raging in a house that belongs to you, losses and damages.

Also the fire may indicate future troubles. He predicts winter cold, summer heat heralds.

Participation in fire fighting means fighting with the detractors. If you are trying to fill the flame from a small bucket or watering can, your efforts to reconcile quarreling friends or relatives will be in vain.

If a fire engulfed several houses and you do not feel anxiety – it is a symbol of happiness.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Dream of fire – what is it? This warning of the imminent quarrel with an important person for you.

If you dream you are watching the fire, pay attention to yourself and your behavior. Most likely, you will notice that you hesitate because of the explosive nature and lack of restraint. Want to make love urgently change.

The fire victims – the warning that you should refuse to participate in the planned project. Soon something goes wrong. You will lose much, including the friendship of those who followed you.

If in the dream, saved from fire, it shows your insecurity and vulnerability. You do not know how to overcome life’s difficulties, every little thing can knock you off track.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

The fire suggests that you secretly want change. Perhaps even to himself afraid to admit it.

It is also the symbol of all carnal, passions, and desires.

To dream of a fire in someone else’s house for an early clash with betrayal.

If you are trying to save someone from the fire of your many efforts to resolve a difficult situation will be in vain.

The fire speaks of a vain attempt to curb their own feelings and emotions.

The ashes – you will soon find a new home, which had long dreamed of.

The lightning that caused the fire, – to an unexpected meeting with a person throughout life.

The dream dictionary From A to z

Fire house – wait for massive financial collapse.

Hurrying to a call fire truck suggests that you have any situation that threatens big problems.

Forest fire – your plans will be realized, will be achieved.

If you dream you are heroically rescued from fire baby, your doubts about fidelity second half is completely unfounded.

To suffer the most during a fire in a car accident in real life.

Thick black smoke from the fire to the good news that not only please you but will be the harbingers of many pleasant events.

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