The fire in the dream

Fire is an extremely attractive and fascinating spectacle. What does a dream with a bonfire, explain the interpretation of dreams.

What dreams fire

What dreams fire

Seasonal dream interpretation

To dream of a fire – quarrels, conflicts, long-lasting enmity; to kindle in the woods – disaster warning, and near river or lake – the harbinger of fire, which will be able to quickly deal.

Esoteric dream book

Dream fire – a reminder of the need for purification and destruction of internal and external stuff. You need to leave obsolete the age relationships, affections, knowledge, documents, things, otherwise their cargo will burn you – symbolically or literally.

Ukrainian dream book

A fire in a dream – a secret admirer or anxiety; Smoking – confusion; to extinguish it, will have to abandon the plan.

Oriental dream book

A fire in a dream is a symbol of danger, be careful, watch your health; Smoking and fading – a warning of impending serious problems.

Dream Interpretation Cheremenskiy

Search the fire in to keep warm – a symbol of the energy shortage and the need for recuperation.

Sit by the fire or to rekindle it with your favorite promises mutual understanding, common interests and harmonious development of relations.

Tuchodi the fire with a thin stream of smoke warning of the appearance of the opponent or the opponent and the necessity of struggle to preserve their love.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Prividevshayasya in the night dreams of a distant fire dream book interprets how the future problems that require immediate solutions.

The bonfire trying to warm up symbolizes bold and even unnecessarily risky actions, move forward in spite of difficulties and problems.

Unsuccessful attempts of fire ignition to having economic worries.

To extinguish a fire up to temporary setbacks and failures, the important things.


What dreams fire: flames to a short stormy affair; steaming or drenched by rain jets – the problems in the Affairs and quarrels with friends; burning far into the night, to the emergence of a strong rival in love.

Kindle fire to an unexpected trouble or a visit to distant friends; burn it on the trash before the long-awaited completion painful for you in the novel.


To see a bonfire in a dream – a warning about the problems in communication and disruption of plans due to your arrogance; if a fire were people, you can expect quarrels and disputes.

Burn something at the stake – to abandon their convictions and the punishment for it, to start – up to conflict, to extinguish, to reconciliation.

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