What have fingers

If you saw in a dream the fingers, try to remember as much detail of the dream, after all, depends on their interpretation of the visions. What have fingers?

Sleep fingers

What does a dream about fingers?

A modern dream book

When you see in a dream the fingers of the beautiful hands – wait in real life love in return, and praising generosity.

Dirty fingers and scratched, bleeding wounds, predict the despair, suffering and a lot of unpleasant moments in life.

To point to something or someone in a dream finger means early awareness of their misdeeds and remorse.

Contemplation in a dream your index finger may indicate that the cause of many failures, you should look at yourself. Seen the thumb promises the patronage of clever people who will throw you into uncertainty.

When you dream of losing a finger, the male dream foretells the loss of a good partner relationship, and women’s accident the child.

When in a dream one of the fingers is characterized by its size – will be in such a situation, which had never been before.

A dream where you cut off the fingers, foretells the deliverance you wealth by attackers.

Sacrificing fingers in a dream, wait for reality wonderful gift or good news.

Saw the wound on his thumb – get ready to bear losses in business.

In downers fingers to scratch to growing wealth. Profit and predicts the examining fingers. If the hand is bigger than it should be – you expect a legacy.

If you broke a pinky in my sleep – wait argument.

Small dream book of Veles

Itchy limb in a dream – to make a profit. Burn it to envious gossip.

If in a dream you point a finger, but you clearly felt a pang of fear – is to beware of attacks.

Love and happiness – that’s what having beautiful toes.

The fingers that were cut off in a dream promises trouble and mortal danger for one.

To disease of a loved one – that’s what having a broken finger.

The extra number of fingers portends inheritance.

When you dream you stuck a finger in reality, expect changes.

Women’s dream book

To see your fingers in the dream, unkempt, dirty, bloody grazes – up feelings of frustration and bitterness. On the contrary, well-groomed will be a signal of your sincere feelings will be appreciated by the right person.

In the dream, the thumb looks really small – wait bystroprokhodaschee joyful events.

When in the dream you feel in your thumb pain – prepare for unfortunate business. When this finger is not there, then you’ll find yourself alone and poor life.

In the dream the finger smeared something, suggests that you enjoy his love passions.

When in the dream you see on the thumb nail is too long, give up the dubious pleasures, otherwise they will force you to commit sin.

The absence of any fingers – to large financial losses.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Woman pornusa in a dream finger, which symbolizes the dream of male genital organ, may in reality be prone to violent acts.

Man, pornusy finger in a dream, in reality, has doubts about his masculine power.

If you dream that you touched the legs of someone of the opposite sex, that means you want to have a sexual relationship.

When in the dream, toes or hands bandaged, you need to use during sexual intercourse a condom.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

In the dream to see the beautiful fingers to a good and appropriate love.

If you dream you are looking at the index finger – in life you have something to focus on.

Fingers adorned with beautiful rings, promise the lure of something or someone.

If the fingers are not all the losses, failures and deaths of loved ones.

The extra number of fingers heralds the receipt of inherited wealth. Also to riches dream of fingers that you simply are considering, or scratch.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To get rid of the finger in a dream – in reality suffer losses.

To hurt fingers become loved and adored by many.

The presence in the dream beautiful fingers predicts the achievement of high honor.

Dream Interpretation Longo Yu.

Dream index finger, looking up, predicts great danger, so you should take precautions.

To break a limb in a dream – nothing scheduled will appear.

Finger bandaged heralds a brief illness, waiting for you or a loved.

Finger severed dreams to the loss of support for native people.

Burned my finger while sleeping – will decide how to independently and quickly get out of a difficult situation.

Hairy toes having to an unexpected financial gain.

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