To see a dream in which found the ring

The ring is the symbol of water in nature, the family relationship, the Union of hearts. The dreams in which there are rings, can mean a bright future, happiness, it’s important to keep them not only in dreams but also in reality.

finding a ring in a dream

What does a dream in which found the ring

Summer dream

Watch in a dream the bird ringing – someone is trying to restrict rights. Engagement ring – the disorder.

Autumn dream interpretation

Lost in the dream ring – a loss in the family, death in the second half, finding a ring in a dream – fortunately, profit acquaintance.

Children’s dream book

Ring – commitment, family endeavor, joining two destinies. Dreams with them means building new relationships – intimate, friendly and business. It can also mean success and respect for employees, business partners. The ring symbolizes the bond that promises.

Women’s dream book

A ring signifies a cycle, the remaining tasks. On your toes – a good deal. To see people with rings, rings – new pleasant acquaintances, improvement. A dream in which you put the ring on the finger of the chosen one, you are faithful and always fulfilling the promises. On your finger wears a ring stranger – will help in solving complex problems. A young girl sees how her choice gives her the ring, be sure your partner is ready to provide you a happy and prosperous life. In this dream interpretation finding money and a ring means the same thing – happiness, harmony, luck.

A dream where you can’t choose the ring that you haven’t met your love. Abandoned in the dream ring says about your unreliability, infidelity. You have failed to fulfill the promise, which would entail serious trials of life. I dream of the broken ring – discord in family life, scandals, quarrels. For lovers of persons such a dream – a bad sign.

Family dream book

Sleep with the ring, seen on Tuesday, means the joy of children. To receive a gift of a ring during sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday to improve relations with the beloved, the resolution of the conflict, harmony. Broken ring to discord and divorce. The ring on the hands of others – a new acquaintance can become a burden, from which it will be difficult to get rid of. So sleep at night on a Sunday means gossip. Lost in the dream ring is at risk of losing relationships with loved ones and very expensive for you man. Completely different means of finding coins in a dream or the ring.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The ring on your finger to create a family, the birth of a child, the realization of desires. To wear a wedding ring to a happy marriage. To lose the ring to lose in a serious relationship with loved ones, family, friends. To see rings on the hands of friends – fragile friendships. The woman’s dream engagement ring, rich and brilliant, a symbol of long and happy married life. Find the dream ring for a new and pleasant acquaintance, to find new friends.

To give someone – for an early marriage. A dream in which your finger is wearing a seal, means the birth of a son, symbolizes power. Diamond ring – success in business, at work. The ring of metal – to hard work, silver – to sadness. Wear gold ring – acquaintance with a beloved person, before marriage. Admiring the ring separation, quarrel, received a gift – a warning from mistakes.

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