What is the dream that fight I see the fight?

Each dream book interprets the fight as a symbol of future events and changes provided by the fate of opportunities. It is important, who is fighting the dreamer. Explanation of values prividevshayasya dream melee can talk about the internal incontinence of the dreamer, his constant desire to help others, which can ultimately only harm. Often a fight in a dream is interpreted either as a sign of aggression or a possible meeting with a new boyfriend (someone «will beat», seeking attention).

what a dream fight

What a dream fight

Russian folk dream interpretation

Fight – a symbol of anger, calls her the right person has with their fists to sort things out in my sleep. In reality this battle, the opponent did something to the dreamer, who wants to take revenge on him. It is better to have a heart and forgive. Life itself will place all in places.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Before you look for a reason, what a dream fight in the dream, you need to understand the internal experiences. Perhaps it’s a conflict of some desires in man. Sometimes between sense of duty and personal. To fight, a misunderstanding with a loved one, which can lead to rupture.

You need to choose a expression, if you do not want to lose my partner. If you watch the battle from the sidelines – we must prepare to admit new people. To win is to exit from a difficult situation. To lose with humility and serenity to accept the troubles of life.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

A fight in a dream may (according to esoteric assumptions) become a symbol of impending joy. And if you look, but not to participate, that soon the dreamer will receive good news, an unexpected gift.

Dream interpretation according to the seasons

A dream in which aggression occurs between people, promises active in communicating, and not always discreet. To see someone’s beating to the possible news from «word of mouth». Fight favorite – high probability of termination of the relationship. Pets up to small trouble.

Erotic dream book

What a dream fight, according to Freud? To aggressive sexuality. To watch hand to hand combat, means that the dreamer suffers from view movies for adults, love to watch the intimate process of other people. Takes part in battle – craving for hard sex.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

What a dream fight girls with a girl – so it’s up to possible competition. To fight in my sleep with a stranger – coming soon friend. She already knows snovydiv, but so far not provided the opportunity for close contact. To fight with her sister – to fight for someone’s heart or workplace when it claims another. Victory is a good sign. To fight with the rival – the symbol of the struggle with their fears and desires.

Fighting to see his beloved – he is in my life such as it appears the woman is a dreamer.

The Jewish dream book

The fight, unfortunately, it warns about the imminent parting. If it cannot be prevented, then let it be good and memorable, without unnecessary negative emotions.


A positive interpretation of hand-to-hand combat in a dream – for the upcoming celebration, an acquaintance with an interesting person (someone who seeks the dreamer), to news, to prosperity. Negative values are also not spared such a symbol.

The fight can promise the obsession of the dreamer, who tries to teach the life of another (someone has to dream), to unpleasant conversations, excessive curiosity.

In any case, it is a sign that excessive heat is moderate, otherwise the reality of the dreamer can put in place the boss or friend, or a conflict will occur in which it is said the heat of the moment words are not for the better will change the relationship.

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