What dreams ferry?

Had a dream, which featured steam, and now you want to know its value? We will help you with this.

What dream ferry in the dream, dream interpretation

What dream ferry in the dream, dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A ferry in a dream portends an unexpected event. But the sinking ferry warns you about the fact that we should not rashly where to invest money. Crossing by ferry – adventures await you. Reached the shore on the ferry – wait the gift of fate in the form of money or promotion.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of a ferry that sinks with you carefully keep track of your money and don’t invest in dubious enterprises.

The Dream Miller

Boat – will travel with questionable consequences.

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

Ferry ride – success in cases of drowning along with the ferry business will bring financial losses.

Gypsy dream book

To dream of the steam provides for that in your opinion the dispute can be decisive, being the connecting link.

A modern dream book

Ferry dream to the completion of existing cases, and the sinking ferry suggests that we should be more careful with money.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

Take a ride on the ferry – quite unexpectedly you will achieve the desired.

Dream Interpretation Sonan

Cross on the ferry from one Bank to another – prepare for difficult days in life. Wanted in a dream to take the ferry, but it broke – the symbol of the troubles in life. Sailing on the ferry and drowned – large monetary cost. In General, to dream of the steam – to all kinds of complications.

If you dream you waited a long time for the ferry and he still came – that your dreams come true. But if the ferry is not coming to the shore, turned around and sailed without you is sorrow and disappointment. Steam festively decorated – will be a fun event. The ferry with the dead – a very bad sign, presaging disease or large, lingering difficulties.

Dream Interpretation Of Lewis

Dreams associated with the ferry, represent life changes, both good and bad.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

If crossing by ferry dream of a non-family girl waiting for her marriage, while if the crossing is long, you will have far away from home to go with her husband. For all other ferry – the symbol of hospitality.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Through the image of the ferry leave out your complexes and shyness in love matters. You should be more relaxed with a partner. The sinking ferry represents a tarnished reputation acquired through levity. If you were able to grab a rubber ring – your reputation can still be fixed. If by ferry you along with your partner in your relationship everything is harmonious and no sign of deterioration.

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